Lin-Manuel Miranda Did Not Throw Away His Shot As SNL Host

October 9, 2016

Lin-Manuel Miranda took hosting SNL very seriously. In his words, "It takes seven years to write a show, so I don't know when I'm going to be back here. So I am not throwing away my shot."

And he didn't. He used his time as host to perform a musical number, do a sketch in Spanish and get in some digs at Donald Trump.

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But is anyone really surprised it went well? Miranda is one of the most successful people in theater — of course he knows how to work a stage. And the audience members were certainly set up to like him: He brought them pizza. Everybody loves free pizza.

Miranda also got a lot of love from his friends and family leading up to the show.

... Maybe too much love?

So, bad news for his data plan but good news for his ego. Congrats, Miranda.

via Giphy