The “Leo Needs An Oscar” Memes Are Gone, “Leo Winning” Ones Are Here To Stay

Feb. 29, 2016



We will never have to see another "Give Leo the Oscar" meme again, but thanks to legions of #teamLeo people on the Internet, we now have "Leo won" memes to last us a lifetime. And we're completely fine with that.

Some of the best ones involved superimposing the Oscar statuette in scenes from his films, like "The Great Gatsby."



There are also some strong shoutouts to the bear from "The Revenant," who selflessly helped raise awareness for the #teamLeo cause.



And we can never forget the gem of a picture that is Leo frolicking in the grass with a Super Soaker. Except the water gun has been replaced with the Oscar.



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Long live Leo-winning memes.




Congratulations, Leo!


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