Relive The Kanye West Vs. Wiz Khalifa Twitter Beef As It Happened




January 27, 2016

Kanye West went on a shade-throwing spree Wednesday, bashing fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Kanye changed the title of his upcoming album from "Swish" to "Waves," and Wiz took some shots at Kanye, saying Harlem rapper Max B pioneered the term "wavy" in hip-hop. Kanye said he respected Max B, but Wiz wasn’t having it.

Things escalated when Wiz said, "Hit this kk and become yourself." Even though Wiz was talking about his own strain of pot, Khalifa Kush, Kanye thought Wiz was referencing his wife, Kim Kardashian. (Tweets should be read from bottom to top for chronological order.)

Kanye launched into a now-deleted tirade, where he lashed out at Wiz, insulting him over his son and ex-wife, Amber Rose, who Kanye also used to date.

Kanye quickly deleted the mean-spirited tweets and came close to an apology.

As for Wiz, he took the high road, so to speak.