Justin Trudeau Joins Marvel's Ranks as Its Newest Superhero

By Tyler Adkisson | June 28, 2016

Beyond politics, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is known for his bilingual dexterity, love of science and fighting for a good cause — which is probably why he's been tapped as Marvel's newest hero.

Trudeau is featured on the variant cover for the fifth issue of Marvel's "Civil War II: Choosing Sides," alongside Canadian superhero group Alpha Flight.

In the issue, Alpha Flight seeks to control the powers of a new Marvel character named Ulysses, who can predict the outcome of the future with incredible accuracy. Alpha Flight can't agree how to use Ulysses' power, so they visit Trudeau to seek his ethical guidance.

Writer Chip Zdarsky admitted to the Canadian press that the story "is basically Trudeau fan fiction."

Zdarsky said: "I kind of figured to do a story about Canada right now and not take that opportunity to put Trudeau in seemed like a waste. He seems to be the popular culture association with Canada right now, right behind Drake — and I probably couldn't get Drake in the comic."

And who's to say that Drake would be the type to turn down a Marvel story? In the past two years, Marvel has paid tribute to hip-hop artists Rae Sremmurd and Run the Jewels by placing the former on a vanity cover of "Captain America" and the latter on issues of "Deadpool" and "Howard the Duck."



This also isn’t the first time a Trudeau graced the pages of a Marvel comic. Justin Trudeau's dad, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, was a part of a volume of "Uncanny X:Men" in 1979.