The 'Justice League' Cast Is SUPER Against This Oil Pipeline

September 7, 2016

The cast of "Justice League" publicly endorsed Rezpect Our Water, an organization against the Dakota Access Pipeline. The oil pipeline would run from North Dakota to Illinois, crossing the Missouri River less than a mile from the Standing Rock reservation.

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And that's the real threat. If the pipeline leaked, it could contaminate Standing Rock's only water supply. Native Americans from the reservation are protesting at the construction site, while others brought the fight straight to Washington, D.C.

The "Justice League" cast joins other celebrities opposed to the pipeline, like Susan Sarandon and Shailene Woodley.



But there's something special about seeing a "gang of Earth defenders," like Batman and Wonder Woman, talking about real-world issues. And honestly hearing Aquaman discuss the importance of clean water is pretty surreal.



#Repost @dallasgoldtooth @rezpectourwater @barcalive mahalo for tagging me @raeknows it makes me sick to see this happening and not being able to come and stand with all the Warriors I love you and send all my mana Wish I could be there. Water is life. Sacred Aquaman is pissed ・・・ The pipeline will go through the Missouri river, a primary water source not only to Standing Rock reservation but to the surrounding areas as well.. From North Dakota down to Missouri! You may not know this, but a well known fact is that Oil pipelines leak. No ands, ifs, or buts about it. And when it does, it contaminates the water. That would be 80,000+ people who won't have access to drinkable water. Not only will it contaminate the water, it will sink into the earth. In turn destroying the land that we do see. This is why we have the 8,000-10,000 WATER PROTECTORS out there in North Dakota trying everything they can (peacefully, I might add) to keep the Dakota Access pipeline from being built. They're not selfishly doing this for themselves but for our mother earth, the population that depends on this water source (PEOPLE, ANIMALS, AND NATURE) to survive. WE ALL NEED WATER TO SURVIVE. A few days ago a band of hired security brought violent dogs to the sight where our water protectors were protesting. Trying to keep construction from happening on sacred land. There were men, women, children and elders there. Protesters were bit by the dogs. But here we are, still fighting this fight, and we will not be silenced. Please! Share this.. My brothers, my sisters. I do not care what tribe, or what race you are. I am calling for help. Spread the word, and don't let the media sway you with lies. Stay Woke everyone, and pray for standing rock.

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"Water is life. Sacred Aquaman is pissed."

Aquaman out.

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