John Oliver Takes On Police Violence And (Lack Of) Accountability

October 3, 2016

Police violence has been a near constant conversation in the U.S. for years. From the start of the Black Lives Matter movement to athletes protesting the national anthem to the presidential candidates being asked about it during the debate, it seems to always be in the headlines. But John Oliver took on a very specific part of the issue: How officers are held accountable.

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This is important because a lack of accountability further erodes trust between police and the communities they're meant to protect and serve. As Oliver puts it: "Bad apples can erode trust fast. Snow White wasn't afraid of bad apples before she took a bite out of that one really bad one. But I'm telling you the next time some old lady comes at her with a piece of fruit, Snow is gonna get the f*** out of there."

When he breaks it down, things seem pretty bleak. So if you need some cheering up, the "police cat," aka the cat edited to look like it was wearing a police uniform seen on the show, is up for adoption.