The Opioid Crisis Isn't Funny — But John Oliver's Segment On It Is

October 24, 2016

Leave it to John Oliver to take on a topic as serious and depressing as America's opioid addiction crisis and somehow make it funny. You've probably heard about the serious heroin problem in the U.S., which largely sprung from thousands of Americans being addicted to prescription opioid painkillers and then migrating to heroin.

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Oliver talks about how this problem came to be, the pharmaceutical companies' part in it, and the addicts and first responders who've dealt with opioid addiction up close.

We've seen it up close, too. Recently, we sent reporters to Huntington, West Virginia, where the rate of overdoses is nine times the national average. Our reporters spoke with law enforcement and addicts, and rode along with first responders to the scene of a DUI. Later they were told the woman in the crash died.