John Oliver Makes The Case For Closing Gitmo

October 10, 2016

John Oliver's latest episode of "Last Week Tonight" was all about Guantánamo Bay. Specifically, the case for closing the controversial military prison. President Obama has been promising to close it for his entire presidency and has managed to cut down the prison population significantly, but there's still a long way to go.

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"There are currently just 61 detainees down there," Oliver said. "That's less than the number of people in our audience right now, some of whom are arguably worse people than some of the detainees at Gitmo."

He's referring to the lack of evidence needed to imprison people in Gitmo, which could mean innocent people are detained there without a trial. The prison also has a reputation for using torture and other inhumane practices. Its reputation is so bad that Russian President Vladimir Putin — yes, Putin — called it "medieval" and said, "Can you imagine if we did that here?"

So yes, Guantánamo is a problem for foreign policy, but Oliver points out that it's also largely a question of morality.

"There might well be detainees that we scooped up as young men who we think are guilty, but who will never get a trial, and they will be there until they die. And at this point, we all have to ask ourselves: Are we OK with that?"