James Harden Hilariously Tricks An Unsuspecting Camper

June 27, 2016

James Harden is known for carving up defenders left and right — but crossing up little kids? That’s just wrong.

The Houston Rockets shooting guard recently showed no mercy to a kid at basketball camp and capped off the shenanigans with a vicious dunk.




Harden’s tricky drive to the net put a smile on the camper’s face — a smile that likely won’t go away for a while. It also ended with a giant group hug, so it looks like everyone had a good time.

The four-time NBA All-Star even had a nice alley-oop to himself that really got the campers going.



We're not sure if Harden is schoolin' kids because he has some pent up frustration over his defensive shortfalls this season or if he's just trying to one-up former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Kevin Durant.



Or maybe it's current teammate Dwight Howard who's getting to him.


All we know is Harden is really "Shaqtin (like) a Fool."