People Are Finding Really Creative Ways To Push Back On Ivanka Trump's Brand

December 16, 2016

Ivanka Trump is receiving more pushback on her fashion brand — this time in the form of Amazon reviews.

"BUYER BEWARE! These boots are some sort of port key or wrinkle in the space time continuum.. I put them on and I was transported back to Berlin in 1933."

Asking the important questions, like: "Will my dad think I look hot in these boots?"

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"Both boots for some reason are right. One is marked as extremely right, the other as alt-right, though they look the same to me. Just bizarre. Sizing and all other info is in Russian, but they are made in China."

People have been boycotting her empire throughout the election and since Donald Trump became president-elect. In October, the social campaign #GrabYourWallet encouraged customers to stop shopping at places that carry her brand, including Nordstrom, Zappos, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdale's and Amazon.

And in August, an indie jewelry line had this to say to Ivanka after she purchased one of the company's cuffs.


Dear @ivankatrump, #thanksbutnothanks #payitFORWARD ➡️

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