Hyperloop One Is Another Test Closer To Flinging People Through The Desert

By Leah Becerra | May 11, 2016

Hyperloop One just completed its first public open-air test, and it was a success!

Sadly, though, the test wasn't much to look at: It ran all of 100 meters and then stopped in a cloud of sand — yeah, that was supposed to happen. You see, this small, motorized metal sled went from a standstill to 100 mph in 1.1 seconds. When it stopped at the end of the "track," all 2.5 Gs of force kicked up some of the Nevada desert. Poof.

If you're not impressed, that's OK. Hyperloop One has another test planned for later this year that will put a pod inside a tube; hopefully that one will be a bit more exciting for spectators. Until then, take 16 seconds out of your day and watch this slightly unsatisfying open-air test.