Stop What You're Doing And Listen To 'The Hamilton Mixtape' Now

By Lindsey Pulse | December 2, 2016

Lin-Manuel Miranda, mastermind behind the record-breaking Broadway show "Hamilton," recently had yet another thing to drop on his fans this year — the highly-anticipated "Hamilton Mixtape."

The album was a collaboration effort between Miranda and The Roots, with covers from Sia, Usher, Jimmy Fallon and many, many more.

It also has a few new songs.

And 2016 has already been a huge year for Miranda and the cast. The original "Hamilton" album was one of only three cast soundtracks to get on Billboard’s top 10 list in the past 50 years.

In November, the show set a Broadway record for most money earned by a show in a single week — $3.3 million.

So, as the Schuyler sisters would say, "Work."

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