There's A New Barbie, And She's Decoding Stereotypes

June 15, 2016

The new Game Developer Barbie sports bright red hair, glasses and a headset. She also has a laptop. And the best part? She can code on her own.



Mattel faced a lot of backlash for its "Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer" book, originally published in 2010. In the story, Barbie only made designs and needed her male friends Steven and Brian "to turn it into a real game."

Mattel discontinued sales of the book and apologized, promising future dolls would "portray an empowered Barbie character."

While the number of women in game developing has increased since 2009, they still make up only 22 percent of the industry.

Game Developer Barbie is part of the new #YouCanBeAnything campaign. And the Barbie Global Advisory Council currently includes founders and CEOs of gaming and coding companies, so we might see more techie Barbies in the future.

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