Cole Grotting, in honor of your birthday, I picked up some big boy pants at Unique and am displaying them proudly. It's colder than Helena out there!

Posted by Tom Grotting on Saturday, January 9, 2016


This Frozen Pants Prank Is The Most Chill Part Of Minnesota Winters



Jan. 21, 2016

Winter is brutal. Winter in Minnesota is a next-level, soul-sucking experience that can turn a happy person into Leonardo DiCaprio from the "The Revenant."

Lucky for Minnesota residents, there's a fun way to combat this epic snowstorm of a season: frozen pants.

ABC News reports the trend started with Tom Grotting, a man in the Minneapolis area known for freezing his pants and putting them in his front yard.

Grotting told ABC, “It was just on us for weeks on end, so I took advantage of the Polar Vortex and froze some pants."

After the media caught wind of Grotting's peculiar hobby, other Minnesota residents have joined in, putting their frozen pants in some unlikely places.