A 'Daily Show' Writer Hilariously Pointed Out The Irony In His Son's Permission Slip

October 24, 2016

Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" explores themes like censorship and the dangers of burning and banning books. So when Daniel Radosh's son (who's in eighth grade) asked him to sign a permission slip so he could read the book at school, "The Daily Show" writer couldn't resist the opportunity to point out the irony.

Radosh attached a note to the permission slip that reads: "I love this letter! What a wonderful way to introduce students to the theme of 'Farenheit 451' that books are so dangerous that the institutions of society — schools and parents — might be willing to team up against children to prevent them from reading one." 





"Fahrenheit 451" has been frequently challenged or banned in the United States, and Radosh's note comes shortly after the American Library Association's Banned Books Week, which was Sept. 25-Oct. 1. Many seemed to wish the permission slip was actually designed to be ironic. 












But one person pointed out that sometimes, permission slips are sent out to protect teachers from getting in trouble with parents. You can see some past controversies over banned books between parents and schools here.