David Cameron Step Down Announcement


David Cameron Hummed A Tune Despite Stiff Upper Lip At Step Down Announcement



July 11, 2016

What’s the first thing you do after resigning as prime minister of the United Kingdom? If you’re David Cameron, you start your music career.

Cameron was caught on a hot mic humming a song while walking back to 10 Downing Street after announcing that Theresa May would become prime minister once he resigned. But all anyone could talk about was Cameron’s musical debut.

British classical music station Classic FM even took the time to turn his song into sheet music titled “Cameron’s Lament.”


And Gawker provided an EDM remix. 


The Independent speculated he was humming the theme from “The West Wing,” but many people figured he was just relieved to be finished dealing with the fallout from Brexit. 


Cameron will be able to hum as much as he wants after Wednesday, when he will officially resign.