Man Running For Office Told A Reporter He Hoped She Got Raped. Yes, Really

September 7, 2016

Olivia Nuzzi is a journalist who covers politics for The Daily Beast. As such, she's a fairly public figure and has had her fair share of harassment. But Mike Krawitz is something else. He tweeted her multiple times saying he hopes she gets raped. What a guy.

And Krawitz isn't just another angry dude-bro on the internet. He's an angry dude-bro who was running for office until this happened. Krawitz was a Republican candidate for a township committee in New Jersey.

It's still not 100 percent clear if he's officially pulled out of the race, but a reporter at the Courier-Post received an email indicating he had.

So why did he feel the need to go out of his way to wish sexual violence on a stranger? Probably because he's a garbage human being. But also apparently for the grave offense of RTing a co-worker's story about Donald Trump's second wife.

Such a mundane act. But that's sort of the point isn't it? Women get harassed all the time online and — not that anything ever warrants that abuse — but it's often for no reason at all. Women on Newsy's staff have been harassed just for putting their faces and voices out into the world on video.

So yes, this instance was weird, and yes, we should all be outraged. But let's not act like harassing women is anything new. And let's stop putting up with it.

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