Ted Cruz Said He'd Cut 5 Federal Agencies And Then Kinda, Sorta Forgot One


Nov. 10, 2015

At the Fox Business/WSJ debate, Texas Senator Ted Cruz promised he would cut $500 billion in spending by eliminating five different federal agencies.

Those five agencies?

The IRS, Energy, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development and ... Commerce, again.

That's technically four but Cruz gets points for pressing on without channeling Rick Perry's infamous "Oops" after forgetting the three branches of government.

That "oops" moment went down in debate history as an iconic moment that arguably doomed Rick Perry's chances. Cruz's mistake doesn't appear to have the same blowback but still, probably a good idea to make sure you have all five of those agencies on lock before running a stat out.

(By the way, the one he forgot was the Department of Education).