This 3500-Foot High Glass Walkway In China Just Cracked Under Some Tourists Feet

October 7, 2015


Just nope.

This glass suspension bridge at the Yuntai Mountain Geological Park in Henan Province, China hangs some 3,500 feet above ground.

It also just cracked.

According to the Yuntai Mountain Tourism Administration, the crack was caused by a tourist dropping a heavy object on the bridge, causing the top pane (and only the top pane) to crack.

The association also told the People's Daily In China the tourists were never in any danger ... but still. It's one thing to be afraid of heights, it's another thing to not want to take a 900-foot walk across a glass bridge that hangs more than half a mile in the air.

Apparently, these glass bottom bridges are all the rage over in China with 3 more opening this year per USA Today. One of them actually translates to "Brave Men's Bridge" in English. No thank you.

In case you're interested, here's also video of the aforementioned 900-foot walk across the bridge courtesy of Mashable.

Here's to highway overpasses.