Wisdom From The Ground: Chicago Anti-Violence Leaders Speak

By Jamal Andress | December 13, 2016

During our Chicago violence coverage this fall, we collected a ton of insight from our gracious interviewees that didn't make the final videos. Here are some of those sound bites.

Colleen Daley from the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence talked about the sources of illegal handguns that find their way into the hands of Chicagoans.



Charlene Davis with Chicago Survivors works with at-risk youth on the city's west and south sides. She believes people nationwide focus on Chicago's problems without considering how they came about.



Diane Latiker, founder of Kids off the Block, has collected many success stories over the years about the kids she's worked with, encouraged and guided toward a better future. She also acknowledges that "we've lost some, too."



Outreach workers for the CeaseFire organization told us how social media interactions can lead to real-life violence, like trash talk online or gang members tracking down rivals' locations.