Sweet Grandpa Posts Daily Drawings On Instagram For His Grandkids

December 1, 2016

This sweet grandpa found a way to stay in touch with his grandkids: Instagram and art. 

Chan Jae lives in Brazil, but his three grandsons live in South Korea and the U.S. So he started an Instagram account. Every day, he posts original drawings for them.



It seems like Allan is into kite these day. People play with kites in Brazil also. It's autumn here. Arthur, Allan and Astro, let's make kites together one day. Let's play with grandpa together! #drawing #watercolor #kite #autumn Parece que o Allan está adorando empinar pipa esses dias. Tem pipas aqui no Brasil também. É outono aqui. Meninos, vamos fazer nossas pipas? Vamos para fora! Vamos empinar pipas no céu. Arthur, Allan e o pequeno Astro!!! Vamos todos brincar com o vovô. 알란이 요즘 연 날리기에 재미를 붙인 모양인데 연은 브라질에도 있지. 브라질은 가을. 얘들아. 연 만들자. 밖으로 나가자. 하늘을 향해 우리 연 날리자. 알뚤 알란 막내 아스트로!!! 할아버지랑 놀자.

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The 75-year-old didn't always like the idea of having an Instagram account. In fact, he hated it.

His son Ji Lee made a video that's tells the story of the account. He says his dad had "never heard of Instagram. Never used email. Not even Google! He had a cellphone, but he only used it for phone calls."


With his mom's help, Ji Lee convinced his dad to create something he could share with his grandkids. She writes stories to accompany the drawings, and each one is written in English, Portuguese and Korean. The soft watercolors and beautiful captions make it hard to stop scrolling.



The posts are also a way for Chan Jae to share memories of South Korea and Korean traditions.



It's the falling leaves season in Korea, right? It's a beautiful season when many green leaves are changing their colors and in the end they become more beautiful than flowers. In Brazil, the purple and yellow flowers have gone and now it's a summer time with lots of green. #drawing #watercolor #crepas #korea #leaves #colors #flowers #brazil Na Coreia agora é a estação das folhas. As folhas verdes se transformam num colorido fazendo da sua estação mais linda que a das flores. Aqui no Brasil as flores roxas e amarelas já caíram e estamos entrando no verão rico pelo verde de suas folhas. 한국은 단풍의 계절이지? 초록색 잎새들이 갖가지 색으로 변해 마침내 꽃보다 아름답다는 계절, 여기 브라질은 보라색 노란색 꽃들은 다 지고 푸른 잎이 무성한 여름으로 들어간다.

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Have you heard about Jeju Island's diving ladies? Still today, these ladies dive into the sea without oxygen tanks and catch clams, abalones and sea urchins. Amazing, right? They're worth becoming cultural heritage by Unesco, right? #drawing #watercolor #jujuislanddrivingladies # Mergulhadoras (hyenyo) de Jeju. Vocês já ouviram falar delas? Mesmo nos dias atuais elas ainda mergulham no fundo do mar sem tanque de oxigênio para pegar abalones, ouriços do mar e ostras. Não são incríveis? Elas não são dignas de se tornarem patrimônio mundial da Unesco? 제주도 해녀. 들어봤니? 지금도 산소통 없이 바다 속에 들어가서 전복, 성게, 조개들을 캔다고 한다. 대단하지 않니? 세계문화유산으로 올릴 만하겠지? #제주도해녀

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