British Cat Pub


Who Wants To Grab A Pint With Us At This British Cat Pub?


November 12, 2015

You'll find a pint of your favorite ale, cozy surroundings and ... cats. Yes, cats. The bar is located in Bristol, England, and includes 15 felines roaming around — playing, purring and doing general cat things. 


The landlord of the Bag o' Nails told the Bristol Post, "We have 15 cats in the pub — we once had 24 but that was too much."
Overall, the response has been positive, he said. He told the Post that most of the cats were actually born in the pub. 
So if you're ready to spend an evening choosing from a fine selection of beers and dangling some yarn over adorable kittens, you'll know where to find us.




Making friends 🐱🍷❀️

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