You Can Get Fortune Cookies Made By The Cards Against Humanity Creators

August 29, 2016

The makers of Cards Against Humanity are at it again. Their newest project: fortune cookies — sort of. They actually started a shipping company called Blackbox and are using these unsurprisingly mean fortune cookies as a case study to promote it.

Shipping may seem like a weird new direction for these people to take, but it actually makes a certain amount of sense. Blackbox was largely created to help Kickstarters connect with their buyers, which these guys obviously have a lot of experience with. Part of their pitch is: "Blackbox is the company we wish existed when we started Cards Against Humanity."

But whether or not you're interested in shipping, we can all agree that terrible, mean fortune cookies are the product we never knew we needed.

I mean, look at them!

You can't say that to someone!

...That got way too real.

This one's not even mean, just honest:

And yes, even though it's a case study, you can actually buy these cookies.

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