Canadians Really Are The Nicest — Here Are All The Great Things They Had To Say About America

October 18, 2016

Election season got you down? Here are a bunch of Canadians telling us why America is great.

Our notoriously nice neighbors started a project with the hashtag #tellamericaitsgreat and collected tons of videos and tweets, all to make us feel better about ourselves and our country.

Responses ranged from the scientific accomplishments of Americans to our national parks system to cookie butter.

Then, in response, people started tweeting #tellcanadathanks, and then everyone was just telling everyone how great they were. I mean, look at this love fest.

It's like listening to two countries say, "No, you hang up first! No, you hang up first!"

But, honestly, Canada's positive vibes are giving us all kinds of motivation.

So, thanks for having our backs, Canada. You're pretty great, too.

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