Bomani Jones' Shirt Reminds Internet Native American Mascots Are Still Problematic

April 8, 2016

While many of you were going for your first cup of coffee Thursday, ESPN host Bomani Jones was lighting a fuse. Here's a picture of him in the act:



Jones wore a shirt that caused the internet the explode. The shirt, which says "Caucasians," depicts Cleveland Indians mascot Chief Wahoo as a white man with a dollar sign replacing Wahoo's feather.

Jones later said on ESPN he wore the shirt because "it was clean" and he really likes it. Then he pinches his nose and takes a much deeper dive:

"This is the same thing that goes on with the logo for the Cleveland Indians," Jones said. "To have a problem with the logo — this — would be to have a problem with the Cleveland Indians, but if you're quiet about the Indians and now you got something to say about my shirt, it's time for introspection."

This comes just days after the Cleveland Indians decided to start shifting away to its use of Chief Wahoo. They're not getting rid of the mascot, but Indians owner Paul Dolan told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, "We have gone to the Block C as our primary mark." That's something they addressed back in 2014.

If you're interested in where the "Caucasians" shirt comes from, look no further.