Beyoncé Fans Are Buzzing Over Vague 'Lemonade' Trailer

April 16, 2016

Beyoncé did not come here to play with the internet; she came to slay. And now, Twitter is in a frenzy after she teased an HBO project called "Lemonade" on Instagram.

The trailer is astoundingly vague, with Bey whispering, "What am I gonna do, love, what am I gonna do?" cloaked in a fur coat and rocking blonde cornrows.

It's not clear what "Lemonade" actually is, but there is plenty of speculation that it could be the title of her next album or album film. Beyoncé frequently surprises the Beyhive, so really, it could be anything.

Last year, Beyoncé posted several photos with lemons. So whatever “Lemonade” is, it looks like it has been in the works for a while.