Creepy Clowns Were Scaring Kids, So Batman Stepped In To Help

October 12, 2016

If you didn't know, the "clown craze" has been happening worldwide. Sorry, friends but moving to Canada isn't a solution to this problem. And crossing the pond won't work either. Creepy clowns have been scaring children (and probably adults) in Cumbria, England.

But the people of Cumbria are protected. They have a Dark Knight on their side. When a freaky clown comes for you, there's no one better to have your back. That's right: Batman is in England, and he's ready to chase the clowns away.



It may sound goofy, but it's actually really sweet. The people of Cumbria Superheroes, a costume company, wanted to help local kids feel safe.



And since this whole clown situation has been so weird, a lot of people don't seem very surprised that Batman stepped up.





We're with Jessie, let's double down — get as many Batmans as possible. It's time for this nonsense to stop.



Not today, clowns. Not today.

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