Your liver will hate you later.





­čî╣Ben calls someone Lauren who isn’t named Lauren. (drink)

­čî╣The token drunk girl gets drunk on the season premiere. (drink)


­čî╣Chicken girl steps out of the limo with a chicken. (drink)



­čî╣Someone makes a threesome joke about the twins. (drink)



­čî╣Someone confesses their mom/grandma/sister has a crush on Ben. (drink)


­čî╣There is a shirtless Ben sequence. (drink)



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­čî╣Someone says Ben is hot. (drink)


­čî╣A Lauren is on screen. (drink)


­čî╣Someone talks about being there for the “right reasons.” (drink)


­čî╣Someone admits they’re a virgin. (chug)


­čî╣Someone references Kaitlyn. (chug)



­čî╣Tears! (SHOT)



­čî╣Someone says yes to the fantasy suite. (SHOT)


­čî╣Someone “steals” time with Ben on an unofficial date. (SHOT)



­čî╣An eliminated contestant comes back. (SHOT)


­čî╣Someone tells Ben she loves him when there are more than three women left. (finish your drink)