Americans Named The Most Historic Events Of Their Lifetimes

December 20, 2016

What is the most important historic event of your lifetime?

That's the question Pew Research Center asked more than 2,000 adults. And their answers varied — a lot — on everything except one: 9/11.



The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks topped the list for 76 percent of people surveyed, regardless of age, gender, race or political affiliation.


From there, answers and rankings varied quite a bit.



Things got even more divided when broken down by age. Five of millennials' top 10 events weren't even named by participants of other ages.



And when it comes to race, Barack Obama's presidential election — the first time a person of color was ever elected to the position — took black Americans' top slot over the Sept. 11 attacks. They were also the only group to vote the civil rights movement into their top 10.



So tell us, which historical event do you think has had the most impact on your life — and your country?