Adele's Boyfriend Gave Her The Sweetest Gift For Their Anniversary

October 18, 2016

Another day, another reason why Adele is queen.

She's been touring lately, and her concerts are nothing short of epic, of course.

During the shows, she showers her fans with confetti — but this isn't any ordinary paper.

That's right — apparently, there are Adele song lyrics apparently handwritten on every piece of confetti.

Well, on Monday night — which just happened to be Adele's anniversary with her boyfriend, Simon Konecki, with whom she's raising a son — not only were Adele's fans in for a surprise, but so was the singer herself.

Konecki added some pink confetti to the mix, and on the slips of paper he wrote sweet love notes to his lady. She reportedly told the audience, "We got pink confetti tonight ... this confetti is normally white." So even she didn't see it coming.

Everybody tell your significant other — the bar has been set.

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