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NZ Avocado Shortage Results In Desperate, Criminal Measures
This City Is Banning Ads With 'Unrealistic' Bodies On Public Transit
ISIS Fighter Reportedly Streamed Killings Of French Policeman, Partner
Trading A Mansion For A Prison Cell: How Oscar Pistorius Got Here
Qatar Charged And Convicted A Woman Who Reported She'd Been Raped
The Pope Says We Should Avoid Striving For Perfect Bodies
An Italian Newspaper Gave Away 'Mein Kampf' — It Didn't Go Over Well
Violent Riots Plague Euro 2016 Soccer Tournament
Dutch Woman Accuses Man Of Rape, Gets Arrested In Qatar
Justin Trudeau Makes His Case For Legalizing Weed
Man Down! Member Of Queen's Guard Faints During Birthday Ceremony
Syrian Town Bombed Hours After Receiving Its First Food Aid In 4 Years
Obama Gives The US Military More Fighting Flexibility In Afghanistan
Ikea's Iconic Frakta Bags Are Getting A Makeover
This Country's Roads Killed Over 146,000 People In 2015
Women Near The Zika Outbreak Shouldn't Get Pregnant, Says WHO
The UN Says Ireland's Abortion Laws Might Be A Human Rights Violation
This Is How Canada Has Managed To Resettle More Than 27,000 Syrians
Crime, Corruption And Zika: Why The Rio Olympics Could Be A Disaster
Bill Gates Thinks Chickens Could Alleviate Poverty In Africa
These Places Are Making The World Less Peaceful
India's Prime Minister Promotes Close Ties In Address To US Congress
4 Killed In Tel Aviv Shooting; Police Capture 2 Suspects
Police Shot Into A Crowd Of Student Protesters In Papua New Guinea
Norway Is The First Country To Ban Deforestation
Meet The Immigrant CEO Welcoming Syrian Refugees To Canada With Jobs
Turkey Says Car Bomb That Killed 11 In Istanbul Targeted Police
India Joining Paris Climate Agreement Could Stop It From Falling Apart
Ukraine Says It Thwarted Terror Attacks Planned For France's Euro 2016
The US Navy Is Banning Drinking In Japan
Philippines' President-Elect Encourages People To Kill Drug Dealers
It Looks Like Switzerland Has Said 'No' To Universal Basic Income
ISIS Is Willing To Use Civilians As 'Human Shields' To Keep Fallujah
Norway Has Plan To Ban New Sales Of Gas-Powered Cars After 2025
South China Sea Dispute Is Turning Into 'US Said, China Said'
Zika, Government Corruption And Crap Water Didn't Cancel Rio Olympics
The Pope Has New Rules For Removing Bishops Involved With Sex Abuse
They Have No Home, But These Refugees Are Teaming Up For The Olympics
ISIS Really Doesn't Want People To Watch Satellite TV
First Aid-Convoy To Reach This Syrian City Since 2012 Didn't Have Food
UK's Royal Mail Wants Kids To Go Wild Over Sending Snail Mail
The Louvre Is Closing To Save Its Artwork From Floods
Terrorism Numbers Are Slowing For The First Time In 3 Years
The Japanese Boy Left In The Woods As Punishment Has Been Found Safe
Christians, Jews And Muslims United To Help This Syrian Refugee Family
On The Anniversary Of Tiananmen Square, China Scrubs Away Its History
Germany, Turkey At Odds Over Recognition Of Armenian Genocide
The Seine River Is Flooding And Soaking The French Open's Plans
Venezuela's President Endorses 'Revolutionary Friend' Bernie Sanders
Man Accused Of War Crimes Found Working Security At US Airport
UK Serial Pedophile Faces Life In Prison For Abusing 23 Kids
Terror Attack On Hotel In Somalia Kills At Least 10, Injures Dozens
Switzerland's Record-Breaking Train Tunnel Cost Taxpayers $1,000 Each
The Dalai Lama Says There Are 'Too Many Refugees In Europe'
MLB Pitcher Warns Olympic Athletes After He Contracts The Zika Virus
Giant Pandas Could Soon Be Removed From The Endangered Species List
Investigators May Have Detected A Signal From Missing EgyptAir Flight
Taking A Summer Eurotrip? There's A Travel Alert For American Tourists
Bodies Of 40 Frozen Tiger Cubs Found At Thailand's 'Tiger Temple'
Over Half Of The World's 45 Million Slaves Are Located In 5 Countries
Child Pulled From Rubble Alive After Airstrikes Hit Northern Syria
Donald Trump Just Got A Big Endorsement — From North Korea
Facebook, Twitter And Others Join EU Fight Against Hate Speech
Thailand's 'Tiger Temple' Could Soon Be Tigerless
North Korea Reportedly Tried To Launch Another Missile And Failed
Some Airlines Don't Think Venezuela Is Worth The Trip
Global Warming Is Killing Corals In The Great Barrier Reef
Former Chad President Sentenced To Life For Crimes Against Humanity
Syrian Opposition's Top Negotiator Resigns, Abandoning Peace Talks
Boy Missing In Japanese Woods After Parents Left Him As Punishment
Mexican Soccer Player Alan Pulido Has Reportedly Been Kidnapped
Nepali Women Spotlight How The Mundane Becomes Taboo On Their Periods
An Australian Town Is Being Overrun By Giant Bats
Pope Francis Says Refugees 'Are Not Dangerous, But In Danger'
Pakistan Can't Decide If It Wants To Ban Condom Ads On TV
World Hunger Day Highlights Impoverishment Around The Globe
Grab Your Passport! A Wine Theme Park Is Opening In France
Chinese Company Says Critics Calling Its Ad Racist Should Lighten Up
World Health Organization: Canceling The Rio Olympics Won't Stop Zika
These Chinese Students Have To Climb Down A Cliff To Get To School
This Canadian Kitchen Is Opening Its Doors To Syrian Refugees
President Obama Calls For A World Without Nuclear Weapons At Hiroshima
Virtual Reality Could Bring Crime Scenes To The Courtroom
Why A Prominent Saudi Cleric Frowns Upon Cat Selfies