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Thousands Protest COVID Mandates and Restrictions In Canada
Russia's Daily COVID-19 Count Soars Above 110,000
In France, Anti-Vax Fury, Politics Make Public Service Risky
The Long History Between Russia And Ukraine
Russia Displays A Modernized Military
Austin Says Pres. Putin Now Has Full Range Of Options In Ukraine
Climbing Program Helps Afghan Women Adjust To New Life
Coast Guard To Suspend Search For Migrants Off Florida
EU Regulator Recommends Authorization Of Pfizer COVID Antiviral Pill
Bitterly Cold Winter Compounds Humanitarian Crisis In Afganistan
Honduras To Inaugurate First Female President Xiomara Castro
The World Remembers The Holocaust As Antisemitism Rises In Pandemic
What's Happening With Russia-Ukraine Tensions?
Biden To Meet With Qatar Leader As Energy Worries Loom In Europe
'Normandy Format' Advisers Meet In Paris Over Russia-Ukraine Conflict
Suspected Smuggling Boat Capsized; 1 Body Recovered, 38 Still Missing
Ukrainian Leaders: Stay Calm, Russian Invasion Not Imminent
U.S. Puts 8,500 Troops On Heightened Alert Amid Russia Tension
Ukraine Receives Supplies From Allies As Russia Amasses Weaponry
Taliban Hold First Talks In Europe Since Afghan Takeover
England To Lift COVID-19 Testing Requirement For Vaccinated Travelers
France Bans Unvaccinated People From Restaurants, Sports Venues
U.S. Embassy Staff In Ukraine Told To Leave As Russia Tension Rises
Beijing District Orders Mass Virus Testing Ahead Of Olympics
Russia Denies U.K. Claim Of Trying To Replace Ukraine Leader
Police Fire Water Cannons, Tear Gas At COVID-19 Protests In Brussels
Britain Accuses Russia Of Seeking To Replace Ukraine Government
From Waiter To Millionaire: Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Erupts in Brazil
China's Success Taming Virus Could Make Exit Strategy Harder
U.K. Lifts COVID-19 Restrictions
Pentagon Releases Video Of Botched U.S. Airstrike In Kabul
Understanding How Antarctica Is Melting
Tongan People Struggle To Connect To Rest Of The World After Eruption
Russia Says It Will Take Nothing Less But NATO Expansion Ban
UK's Johnson Defies Calls To Quit As Ouster Bid Gathers Pace
Major Airlines Cancel, Change Flights To U.S. Over 5G Dispute
U.S. Urges Unity To Fight Russian Aggression Along Ukrainian Border
Norway Mass Killer Seeks Parole 10 Years After Attacks
Tonga Avoids Widespread Disaster Despite Massive Volcanic Eruption
Tonga Geologists Observe Undersea Volcanic Eruption
Russia Denies Looking For Pretext To Invade Ukraine
2021 Ranks As Earth's 6th Hottest Year On Record
Prince Andrew Stripped Of Military Affiliations
PM Boris Johnson Apologizes For Attending Party During COVID Lockdown
Omicron May Be Headed For A Rapid Drop In U.S. And Britain
NYT: Haiti PM Had Relationship With President's Murder Suspect
FAA Grounds Planes As North Korea Test-Fires A Missile
British PM Boris Johnson Accused Of Breaking COVID-19 Lockdown
Kazakh President: Forces Can Shoot To Kill To Quell Unrest
The U.K. Perspective On The Jan. 6 Insurrection
Novak Djokovic In Limbo As He Fights Deportation From Australia
China Initiative: Effect Of Espionage Mission's Drift From Focus
How Textiles From Islamic Dynasty Show Range Of Political Influence
Novak Djokovic Denied Entry To Australia, Has Visa Canceled
Protests And Unrest Escalate In Kazakhstan
North Korea Test-Fires Ballistic Missile
Settlement Between Epstein, Prince Andrew Accuser Now Public
Michigan Community Welcomes Home Family Kidnapped In Haiti
CDC Warns Against Cruises, Regardless Of Vaccination Status
Ex-Afghan President Says Had No Choice But To Flee Kabul
Iran Launches Rocket Into Space Amid Vienna Nuclear Talks
Cruises Still Sailing Despite COVID Outbreaks
Hong Kong Editors Charged, U.S. Criticizes Raid
President Biden To Hold Call With Russian President Putin
In Review: A Satellite View Of The Year's Biggest Moments
Massive Ferry Fire Kills At Least 39 In Southern Bangladesh
China Puts City Of 13 Million Under Strict Lockdown Ahead Of Olympics
COVID-19 Omicron Cases Fall In South Africa
In Real Life: After The Fall
The Humanitarian Crisis In Afghanistan Is Getting Worse
Police: All From U.S. Missionary Group Freed In Haiti
Scientists Research 'Stealth Omicron' COVID Strain
WHO: Africa Might Miss 70% Vaccination Goal Until Late 2024
Europe, U.S. Frustrated With Iranian Stance In Nuclear Talks
U.K. Offers Boosters to All Adults By Dec. 31
Taliban Seek Ties With U.S., Other Ex-Foes
VP Harris Announces Private Investments In Central America
At Least 55 Die In Crash Of Truck Smuggling Migrants in Mexico
U.K.: Omicron Spreading Quickly; Time To Work From Home Again
India's Military Chief, 12 Others Killed In Helicopter Crash
Canada Joins Allies In Beijing Olympics Boycott
Olaf Scholz Replaces Angela Merkel As German Chancellor
President Biden Squares Off With Russian President Putin Over Ukraine
German Chancellor Angela Merkel Bows Out After 16 Years
U.S. Will Resume Policy For Asylum-Seekers To Wait In Mexico
Ethiopian Government Retakes Holy Site, U.S. Embassy Considers Leaving
Japan Retracts Ban On New Flight Bookings Into The Country
Women's Tennis Tour Suspends China Events Over Peng Concerns
Japan Suspends New Flight Reservations As Omicron Spreads
4 Injured After World War II Bomb Explodes In Munich
19 Countries Confirm Cases Of New Omicron Variant
Black Entertainer Josephine Baker Honored At France's Pantheon
Barbados Swears In First President, Transforms Into Republic
Talks To Revive Iran Nuclear Deal Resume; U.S. Stays Distant
Pres. Biden Says New Variant Cause For Concern, Not Panic In U.S.
Case Of Peng Shuai Puts China's #MeToo Movement Back In Spotlight
WHO Criticizes Travel Bans On Southern African Countries
Omicron Variant Spreads Across More Countries
New COVID Variant Detected In South Africa
Christmas Markets Open With Caution In Frankfurt, Germany