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Kremlin Denies Meddling In 2016 Election After Russians' Indictments
Mass Shootings Can Happen Anywhere, But They Keep Happening In The US
3 Volcanoes Are Erupting In Indonesia Right Now
Russian Athlete Suspected Of Doping Leaves Olympic Village
5 Dead In Russian Church Shooting
2 Palestinians Dead After Israeli Strikes On Gaza
Harassment Claims Force Husband Of Murdered UK Lawmaker From Charities
An Olympic Athlete From Russia Could Lose His Medal Over Doping
Israeli Prime Minister Warns Of Possible Conflict With Iran
65 People Feared Dead After Plane Crash In Iran
Zimbabwe's Grace Mugabe May Face Arrest Over Alleged 'Fake' PhD
South Korean President Moon Doesn't Want To Rush Talks With The North
Amid Criticism, Pope Francis Renews Sexual Abuse Commission
US, Russian Officials Respond To Mueller's Indictment
13 Dead In Mexico Helicopter Crash After Massive Earthquake
United Kingdom Seeking A New Security Deal With The European Union
China Warns Trump Not To Impose Tariffs On Its Steel And Aluminum
Brazil Asks Military To End Gang Violence In Rio De Janeiro
In Syria, Aid Might Take Months ... If It Comes At All
US Says Russia Behind 'Most Destructive And Costly Cyberattack'
American 'Chinese' Food Is Not At All What Chinese People Actually Eat
Cyril Ramaphosa Confirmed As South Africa's New President
With Half Its People Displaced, Syria's Wars Are Far From Over
When It Comes To Cyberattacks, No Two Countries Use The Same Playbook
South Africa's President Jacob Zuma Just Resigned
Iraq Is Rebuilding After ISIS — And Asking For $88 Billion To Do It
South African President Zuma Given Until End Of Wednesday To Resign
Prince Henrik Of Denmark Dies At 83
Macron: France To 'Strike' If Syria Used Chemical Weapons On Civilians
Cape Town Water Crisis Declared A National Disaster
Israeli Police Have Wanted Charges Against Netanyahu For Years
US Intelligence Head: Russian Meddling Is A Global Problem
Police Recommend Corruption Charges For Israeli PM Netanyahu
Investigators Say Human Error Probably Caused Russian Plane Crash
South Africa's Ruling Party Confirms Recall Of President Jacob Zuma
You Don't Have To Be A Terrorist To Go To Jail For Terrorism
The Scandal-Filled Tenure Of South African President Jacob Zuma
Cyberattack Targeted Olympic Opening Ceremony
Russian Government Confirms Everyone Aboard Crashed Jet Died
Cape Town Gets Rain — But It Won't Stop The 3-Year Drought
Israel Says It's Not Changing Syria Strategy After Plane Goes Down
International Charity Oxfam Could Lose All UK Government Funding
Japan's History With Korea Darker Than NBC Olympic Commentary Suggests
71 People Dead In Plane Crash In Russia
Joint Korean Women's Ice Hockey Team Loses First Game
Reports: US And Russian Spies Met To Discuss Hacking Tools And Trump
Israel Launches Airstrikes In Syria After Fighter Jet Crashes
Historically, North And South Korea's Talks Haven't Accomplished Much
Russian Scientists Allegedly Used Supercomputer To Mine Bitcoin
Kim Jong-Un Invites South Korea's President To Summit Meeting
North And South Korea Were Unified At The Olympics Opening Ceremony
The US Really Doesn't Have A Lot Of Options In Syria
South Korean President Moon To Meet With Kim Jong-un's Sister
Bermuda Repeals Same-Sex Marriage Less Than A Year After Legalizing It
International Criminal Court Is Looking Into Duterte's 'War On Drugs'
North Korea Closed The Door On Talks With The US At The Olympics
US-Led Coalition Kills Estimated 100 Syrian Regime Fighters
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Says He's Headed 'Home'
Russia May Have Been Involved In An Attack On US Forces In Syria
Israeli Police To Recommend Corruption Indictment For PM Netanyahu
US Attacks Pro-Assad Forces In Syria, Escalating Tensions
Kim Jong-un Sends Sister South For An Olympics 'Charm Offensive'
Germany Has A Government Again — If The Voters Approve It
The Weird 2018 Winter Olympics Logo Is More Than A Box And A Star
When The Olympics End, Some Host Cities Are Left With Empty Facilities
Rescuers Searching For Dozens Of People After Taiwan Earthquake
UN Pleads With Syria To End Airstrikes And Allow Humanitarian Aid
Macedonia Is Up For A Name Change To End Its Rift With Greece
Queen Elizabeth Has Now Spent 66 Years On The British Throne
Maldives President Declares State Of Emergency As Crisis Worsens
6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Topples Buildings In Taiwan
France Bans Drivers From Using Phones, Even When The Car Isn't Moving
Judge Denies Assange's Request To Drop UK Arrest Warrant
Winter Olympics Security Guards Pulled After Norovirus Outbreak
'Jihad' Makes Us Think 'Terrorism,' But That's A Huge Inaccuracy
Sanctions Could Make North Korea's Olympic Participation A Headache
Can Everyone On Earth Live Well Without Wrecking The Planet?
Paris Attacks Suspect Appears In Court On Separate Terrorism Charges
Russian Fighter Jet Shot Down In Syria
Italian Man Arrested In Connection With Migrants' Shooting
Dozens Of Migrants Are Feared To Have Drowned Off The Libyan Coast
India's Government Plans To Give Millions Of People Free Health Care
Officials: Syria Might Be Making New Chemical Weapons
Canada Just Changed Its National Anthem To Be Gender Neutral
Cape Town Further Restricts Water Usage As Supply Runs Low
What Weed Could Do For Tax Revenues
Poland's Senate Approves Controversial 'Holocaust Complicity' Bill
From N. Korea To Capitol Hill: Defector Ji Seong-ho's Harrowing Story
Trump's State Of The Union Address Hit North Korea Hard
Fact Check: Trump Says 'Almost 100 Percent' Of Land Freed From ISIS
Kenya Opposition Leader Just Swore Himself In As 'People's President'
Indian Govt. Report Suggests Sons There Often Preferred To Daughters
Putin Isn't Too Happy With The US Treasury List
US Treasury Released Its List Of Wealthy Russians Overnight
Trump Administration Says New Russian Sanctions Aren't Needed Yet
Trump Administration Lifts Temporary Ban On Refugees From 11 Countries
FEMA Is Ending Food And Water Aid To Puerto Rico
White House Official Talks To Newsy About State Of The Union Address
North Korea Cancels Joint Olympic Performance With South Korea
Reports: German Automakers Exposed Humans And Monkeys To Car Exhaust