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For Merkel And Macron, Nationalism Has A Dark History
Amnesty International Withdraws Highest Honor From Aung San Suu Kyi
US Think Tank Says It's Found Undeclared Missile Sites In North Korea
China Reinstates Ban On Using Tiger And Rhino Parts
Irish President Calls For Equality, Inclusion In Inauguration Speech
Alibaba's Singles Day 2018 Made Record-Breaking $30.8B In 1 Day
French President Decries Nationalism In Speech Before Trump
North And South Korea Reportedly Disarmed Some Guard Posts In The DMZ
Trump And Macron Agree Europe Should Increase Its Defense Spending
Deadly Flooding In Jordan Hits Historic Site, Forcing Evacuations
Scotland's The First Country To Support LGBTI Curriculum In Schools
Thai Lawmakers Consider Legalizing Medical Marijuana
1 Dead, 2 Injured In Melbourne Knife Attack
Incoming Mexican Government Takes Big Step To Legalize Marijuana
The UN Says 3 Million People Have Fled Venezuela In Just A Few Years
Boeing's Fleet Of At-Risk 737 MAX Planes Is Growing
Poppies For Veterans: The International 'Flower Of Remembrance'
Mazda Set To Recall 640,000 Vehicles For A Valve Spring Problem
Indian Capital Covered In Toxic Smog
Study Says 'Meat Tax' Could Save Hundreds Of Thousands Of Lives
Uganda Is The First Country To Vaccinate For Ebola Before An Outbreak
Greece, Orthodox Church Agree To Take 10,000 Priests Off Payroll
President Trump Says He's Not Meeting With Putin During Paris Trip
5 Nations Request That Mark Zuckerberg Speak Before Committee
Warsaw Mayor Cancels Independence March Over 'Aggressive Nationalism'
Catholic Church In Guam To File For Bankruptcy
Boeing Issues A Warning To Pilots After Indonesian Plane Crash
Yemen War Threatens Lives Of Children At A City Hospital
Report: China Will Be The World's No. 1 Tourist Destination By 2030
European Union Approves Disney's $71.3 Billion Fox Deal
Youth Suicide Rate In Japan Rises
French Authorities Make Arrests In Alleged Plot Against Macron
Facebook Says It Didn't Do Enough To Prevent Violence Against Rohingya
CDC Warns Ebola Outbreak In Congo Could Become Uncontrollable
North Korea Unveils Possible First Portrait Of Kim Jong Un
Crashed Indonesian Plane Had A Malfunctioning Air Speed Indicator
US And South Korea Resume Military Drills
Iran Calls The US A Bully, Vows To Defy Sanctions
UN-Backed Report Says Ozone Layer Is Healing
Death Toll In Italy Flooding Continues To Rise
Saudis Reportedly Sent Team To Remove Evidence In Khashoggi Killing
US Reinstates All Sanctions Lifted By Iran Nuclear Deal
New Caledonians Reject Independence Bid From France
Divers Lose Signal Of Indonesian Plane's Voice Recorder
Iranians Rally In Tehran Ahead Of US Sanctions Reinstatement
The US Is Reimposing All Sanctions Lifted By The Iran Nuclear Deal
North Korea Says Sanctions Could Push It To Resume Nuclear Program
Ethiopia's New Prominent Female Political Leaders Could Signal Shift
North and South Korea Plan To Compete As One In Tokyo Olympics
Migrant Death Toll Higher Than Previously Reported
Palau Will Be The First Nation To Ban 'Reef-Toxic' Sunscreens
US Charges Chinese, Taiwanese Firms With Stealing Trade Secrets
Watchdog Report: US Internet Is Less Free After Net Neutrality Repeal
Jose Antonio Vargas On How The Word 'Illegal' Harms Immigration Debate
Cameroon's Election Crisis Stressing A Nation On The Brink
Subaru And Toyota Recalling 400,000 Cars Worldwide
Trump Signs New Sanctions Targeting Venezuela's Gold Market
Ethiopia Appoints A Woman As Supreme Court President
South Korean Supreme Court OKs Religious Objection To Military Service
Taliban Has Gained More Control Of Afghanistan In Past 3 Years
Google Employees Worldwide Walkout To Protest Sexual Harassment
Rescue Teams Have Found The Black Box Of Crashed Indonesian Plane
North Korean Leader Will Visit South Korea's Capital 'Soon'
Lawmakers Urge Trump Administration To Stop Nuclear Talks With Saudis
The US Has Called For A Cease-fire In Yemen
International Lawmakers Want Mark Zuckerberg To Testify
Turkish Official Says Khashoggi Was Strangled And Dismembered
Pakistan's High Court Overturns Christian Woman's Blasphemy Conviction
North Korea Reportedly Prepping Nuclear Test Site For Inspectors
Austria Backs Out Of UN's Global Migration Compact
Rescue Teams May Have Found Main Body Of Crashed Indonesian Plane
Reclaiming The Narrative: Filipino-Americans Co-Curate With Museum
WWF: Global Wildlife Populations Plummeted 60% In 40 Years
Rohingya Muslims Could Be Headed Back To Myanmar Soon
Most Of Venice Is Under Water After Strong Storms Hit Italy
Bolsonaro Win Foreshadows A Return To Power For Brazil's Military
US, South Korea Meet To Talk About North Korea Denuclearization
Angela Merkel Won't Seek Re-election For German Chancellor
Leicester City Club Owner Dies In Helicopter Crash
Far-Right Candidate Bolsonaro Wins Brazilian Presidential Election
Catholic Bishops Call For Greater Involvement Of Women In The Church
China's First Attempt To Reach Orbit With Private Spacecraft Fails
Turkey Set To Unveil What Could Be The World's Largest Airport
Thousands In Rome Protest Lagging City Maintenance, Mayor
Saudi Arabia Won't Extradite Suspects In Khashoggi Case To Turkey
Iran's Parliament Approves 4 New Ministers Amid Economic Reshuffle
Migrant Caravan Rejects Mexican President's Offer To Settle In Mexico
Russia, Turkey, European Leaders Meet In Istanbul For Syria Summit
North And South Korea Are Going To Remove More Guard Posts
Jamal Khashoggi's Son Allowed To Leave Saudi Arabia For US
US Imposes New Sanctions On Entities Supporting North Korea
At Least 24 Dead After 2 Separate Airstrikes In Yemen
European Parliament Calls For Saudi Arabia Arms Embargo
Putin Warns European Countries Not To Host US Nukes
The Breakup Of A US-Russia Treaty Might Be All About Chinese Missiles
NATO Head Doesn't Think Alliance Will Deploy More Nuclear Weapons
European Countries Weigh Saudi Arabia Arms Deals After Khashoggi Death
Saudi Crown Prince Calls Khashoggi Killing A 'Heinous Crime'
Willa Rapidly Weakens After Making Landfall On Mexico
US To Revoke Visas Of Saudi Officials Linked To Khashoggi Killing