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Former Brazilian President Sentenced In Another Corruption Case
Iraqis Blast Trump’s Pivot From Fighting ISIS To Watching Iran
UN Report Says North Korea's Nuclear Program Still 'Intact'
Macedonia Finally Taking Steps To Join NATO
Researchers Warn Of Potential Health Issues After Brazil Dam Collapse
US Officials Reportedly Resuming Trade Talks With China Next Week
Theresa May: No Return To A Hard Border With Ireland And N. Ireland
Vietnam's Success Story Makes It A Model Host For Trump-Kim Talks
UK Government Once Offered Nissan $104 Million In Brexit Support
At Least 10 Dead In Paris Apartment Building Fire
Facebook Says It Removed Hundreds Of Accounts In Myanmar
Nayib Bukele Wins El Salvador's Presidential Election
Queen To Be Evacuated If Unrest Breaks Out Over No-Deal Brexit
Australia Residents Hit Hard By 'Once-In-A-Century' Floods
European Nations Recognize Juan Guaidó As Interim Venezuelan President
Death Toll Rises To At Least 115 In Brazilian Dam Collapse
High-Ranking Venezuelan Air Force Official Defects From Maduro
Beyond The Grave, 'Comfort Women' Activist Demands Justice
Hong Kong Announces Major Bust Of Smuggled Animal Parts
The US Is Pulling Out Of The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty
US Might Not Be Able To Keep Huawei Case Out Of China Trade Talks
EU Parliament Recognizes Juan Guaido As Venezuelan President
Cold War-Era Arms Treaty Talks Between US And Russia Have Failed
Watchdog Report Says Afghan Government Control Is Shrinking
Canada To Cut Staff At Cuba Embassy After 14th Mystery Illness Case
'The Why' On What's Next In Afghanistan
Toxic Smog In Bangkok Forces Schools To Close For Rest Of The Week
EU Leaders Say They Won't Renegotiate Brexit Deal
Vale Workers Arrested In Connection To Brazil Dam Collapse
Venezuelan High Court Prevents Opposition Leader From Leaving Country
US Resumes Trade Talks With China Wednesday
US Gives Venezuelan Opposition Leader Control Over Some Assets
UK Lawmakers Send Theresa May Back To Brussels To Renegotiate Brexit
US Oil Sanctions On Venezuela Could Cut Both Ways
US State Department Warns 'Do Not Travel' To Venezuela
Huawei Denies Any Wrongdoing After US Files Charges
US Commits To Ousting Maduro In Venezuela
Turkey Wants To Create Safe Zones To Help Syrian Refugees Return Home
Congo's Ebola Outbreak Moves Into High-Security-Risk Area
Bolton Condemns Violence, Intimidation Against Diplomats In Venezuela
'Red Scarves' Counterprotest Violent 'Yellow Vest' Demonstrations
Facebook Is Expanding Its Fight Against Political Misinformation
Death Toll In Brazilian Mine Collapse Continues To Rise
Philippine Island Of Jolo Under Lockdown After Church Attack
US And Taliban Take Steps Toward Ending Afghanistan War
Venezuelan Military Diplomat In US Denounces President Maduro
Venezuelan President Maduro Rejects Ultimatum From 4 Countries
Muslims In The Southern Philippines Vote 'Yes' To Autonomous Region
Japan's Supreme Court Upholds Gender Change Law
Despite Shutdown Compromise, Concerns Linger For Air Travel
WHO Report Says Cancer Drug Prices Are Set Too High
Queen Makes Rare Statement Amid Brexit Tensions
UN Rights Envoy Wants Myanmar Army Chief Prosecuted For 'Genocide'
Greece's Parliament Approves Macedonia Name Change
How Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Is Redefining 'Japanese'
US Orders Non-Emergency Personnel To Leave Venezuela
2018 Was Earth's Fourth-Hottest Year On Record
Nicolás Maduro Orders Venezuelan Diplomats To Leave US
Venezuela's Maduro Faces His Toughest Challenger Yet
When The US Decided The Future Of Latin America
What A Mexican And US Border Town Think Of Trump's Wall
Doomsday Clock Stays At 2 Minutes To Midnight For Second Year
Airbus CEO Threatens To Leave UK If Parliament Can't Pass Brexit Deal
Pompeo Says The US Is Ready To Send Venezuela $20M In Aid
Russia Warns US And Others Against Military Intervention In Venezuela
Renault Replaces Carlos Ghosn As Its Chairman And CEO
Kim Jong-Un Orders Preparations For Second Summit With Trump
Maduro Responds To Trump's Recognition Of Opposition Leader
Thailand To Hold First General Election Since Military Takeover
Zimbabwe Security Forces Accused Of 'Systematic Torture' Amid Protests
House Passes Bill Aimed At Preventing Trump From Withdrawing From NATO
Turkey Moving To Open International Probe Into Journalist's Death
UK's Labour Party Floats The Idea Of A 2nd Brexit Referendum
Proposed Law In Philippines Could Lower Criminal Liability Age To 9
Lawyer Says American Detained In Russia Possessed 'State Secrets'
EU Imposes Sanctions On Men Accused Of Poisoning Ex-Spy
China Warns US Against Seeking Extradition Of Huawei Executive
Protests Erupt In Venezuela After Failed Military Revolt
IMF Warns World Economy Is Slowing Partly Due To Trade Tensions
UK Prime Minister Theresa May Outlines 'Key Changes' In Brexit Plan
Israel Launches Airstrike On Iranian Targets In Syria
US Says Russia's New Missile System Violates Arms Treaty
Researchers Found Secret Ballistic Missile Base In North Korea
Thousands Protest In Greece Against Macedonia Name Change
Death Toll In Mexico Pipeline Explosion Continues To Increase
Scores Of Migrants Are Feared Dead After 2 Shipwrecks On Mediterranean
Yellow Vest Protests Continue For The 10th Week
White House Announces Second US-North Korea Summit
Ebola Outbreak Death Toll In Congo Reaches 400+
Small Bordertown Finds Itself In Middle Of Political Debate Over Wall
How Trump's Dream Wall Stacks Up To What's Already There
3 Out Of 4 Americans Killed In Syria Bombing Have Been Identified
Mnuchin Reportedly Suggested Easing Tariffs On Chinese Goods
Top North Korean Envoy Arrives In Washington DC
No-Deal Brexit Threat Hangs Over EU Citizens In The U.K.
France Triggers Emergency Contingency Plan After Failed Brexit Vote
Death Toll In Kenya Hotel Attack Rises
UK Prime Minister Theresa May Survives No-Confidence Vote
2018 Ocean Temperatures Were The Hottest On Record
A Third Of UN Staff Say They've Been Sexually Harassed In Past 2 Years