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Senators Use Magnitsky Act To Trigger Probe Into Missing Journalist
China May Have Legalized Muslim 'Re-education Camps'
S. Korea Walks Back Possibly Removing Sanctions Against N. Korea
America's Oil And Gas Boom Is Creating A New Global Fossil Fuel Era
Trump: 'We're Going To Get To The Bottom' Of Khashoggi Case
Journalist's Disappearance Straining Ties Between Saudi Arabia And US
This Interactive Exhibit Is Teaching Americans About Displacement
Death Toll From Flooding On Spanish Island Rises
Civilian Deaths In Afghanistan Are At 'Extreme Levels,' UN Says
The UK Now Has A Suicide Prevention Minister
Senators Demand Answers Over Alleged China Hacking
Kenya Bus Crash Kills At Least 55 People
Hong Kong Leader Proposes A Ban On E-Cigarettes
New Report Claims To Identify 2nd Suspect In Novichok Poisoning
Venezuelan Councilman Dies In Custody Under Unknown Circumstances
Dutch Government Ordered To Take More Action On Climate Change
After Reporter Disappears, Turkey Will Probe Inside Saudi Consulate
Who Makes The Rules In Space?
Kim Jong Un Set To Invite Pope Francis To Visit North Korea
Turkey Asks Saudi Arabia To Prove Missing Journalist Left Consulate
Pompeo And Chinese Foreign Minister Trade Jabs During Meeting
Pompeo: N. Korea Ready To Let Inspectors Into Nuclear Testing Site
Same-Sex Marriage Ban Referendum Fails In Romania
Taliban Vows To Disrupt Upcoming Afghanistan Election
UN Warns Of Consequences If Global Warming Continues The Way It Is Now
Brazil's Far-Right Candidate Leads Presidential Election
China Says It's Investigating Ex-Interpol Chief For Corruption
Death Toll After Indonesia Earthquake, Tsunami Reaches Almost 2,000
Sara Netanyahu's Fraud Trial Begins
The US And North Korea Have Agreed To Another Trump-Kim Summit
Pompeo Starts East Asia Trip In Japan
Pentagon Report Calls China's Trade Policies A Threat To US Military
Japan Pulls Out Of Korean Naval Event Over Flag Concerns
Venezuela's Crisis Is Rooted In Oil Prices — And Authoritarianism
Another Former South Korean President Convicted Of Corruption
Ireland Passes Landmark Bill To Curb Alcohol Consumption
Afghanistan Rejects Proposal To Privatize The War
From 2011 To 2017, More Than 250 People Died While Taking Selfies
2 Share Nobel Peace Prize For Work To End Wartime Sexual Violence
Australia To Get Rid Of Its So-Called 'Tampon Tax'
Pence Says Russian Meddling Threat 'Pales In Comparison' To China
Russia Faces Accusations, Charges Related To Multiple Cyber Attacks
Travelers Might Have To Give Up Phone Passwords At New Zealand Border
Melania Trump Visits Former Slave Holding Facility In Ghana
Report: North Korean Hackers Tried To Steal Over $1B
Cristiano Ronaldo Denies Rape Allegations
Amid Earthquake And Tsunami Recovery, Indonesian Volcano Erupts
UN Relief Agency Pulls Officials Out Of Gaza Amid Security Threats
Canada Strips Myanmar Leader Aung San Suu Kyi Of Honorary Citizenship
Iraq Takes Steps Toward Finally Setting Up New Government
UN's Highest Court Orders US To Ease Up Some Sanctions On Iran
Pompeo To Travel To North Korea For Meeting With Kim Jong-Un
England, Wales To Allow Civil Partnerships For All Couples
A Woman Wins Nobel Prize In Physics For The First Time In 55 Years
South Korean Official Says North Korea Might Have Up To 60 Nukes
Trump Administration To Deny Visas To Same-Sex Partners Of UN Staff
Death Toll From Indonesia Earthquake And Tsunami Continues To Rise
North, South Korea Begin Removing Land Mines From Demilitarized Zone
Mattis' Beijing Trip Reportedly Canceled Amid US/China Tension
Melania Trump Heads To Africa On Her First Major Solo Trip Abroad
Catalan Separatists Protest To Mark Independence Vote Anniversary
EU Regulators Could Slap Facebook With $1.6B Fine After Data Breach
Iran Launches Missile Attack Against Syrian Militants
Macedonia's Name-Change Referendum Failed — What's Next?
Women Lead Protests Against Far-Right Candidate In Brazil
Myanmar: UN Rohingya Report Based On Stories, 'Not Hard Evidence'
Iraqi Kurds Vote In Region's Parliamentary Elections
State Department Closes Consulate In Iraq, Citing Iranian Threats
Europe's Plan To Dodge US Iran Sanctions Shows Growing Gap In Policy
'Mr. Kurd' Explains Why He's Embracing Trump's Nickname For Him
Pope Francis Defrocks Chilean Priest Found Guilty Of Sexual Abuse
UK Official Warns Russia About Continued Use Of Chemical Weapons
US And Mexico Nearing Deadline To Release Details Of Trade Deal
Palestinian Leader Rejects 'Sole American Mediation' In Peace Process
Brazilian Oil Company Petrobras To Pay $853M Over Bribery Scandal
Julian Assange Steps Down As Editor Of WikiLeaks
Pompeo: We're At The "Dawn Of A New Day" Regarding North Korea
UN Approves New Investigation Into Human Rights Violations In Myanmar
World Leaders Want The ICC To Investigate Venezuela
China's Second Space Lab Is Going To Fall To Earth
Trump And Abe Agree To Start New Trade Negotiations
Death Toll In South Sudan's Civil War Far Higher Than Past Estimates
Trump Accuses China Of Interfering In November Midterm Elections
Trump Says He Supports A Two-State Solution For Israel And Palestine
Allies And Rivals Both Have Trouble Navigating Trump's Foreign Policy
Entire Acapulco Police Force Disarmed And Under Investigation
Aid Group Says Conditions At Greek Migrant Camp Are 'Unacceptable'
China Won't Allow US Warship To Make Port Next Month
France's President Took On President Trump's Policies In His UN Speech
VP Pence Announces $48 Million In Humanitarian Aid For Venezuelans
Tinder Offers Women In India More Control With New 'My Move' Feature
New Venezuelan Sanctions Target Maduro's Wife And His Inner Circle
We're Nowhere Near Denuclearizing
No-Confidence Vote Brings Down Sweden PM
Pope Francis Says The Catholic Church Needs To Change
WHO: 'Perfect Storm' Could Cause Ebola Outbreak To Spread
Remaining Iran Nuclear Deal Members Reaffirm Commitment To Agreement
US Says Myanmar Military Targeted Rohingya With Planned Attacks
Thousands Attend Funeral Service For Parade Attack Victims In Iran
​Russian Opposition Leader Arrested Immediately After Leaving Jail