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Spain Could Issue An Arrest Warrant For Ousted Catalan Leader
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Tunnel Collapse At North Korea Nuclear Site May Have Killed 200 People
France To End State Of Emergency With Controversial Anti-Terror Law
Uhuru Kenyatta Wins Kenya's Presidential Election ... Again
Kurdish Leader In Iraq Steps Down As Independence Movement Stalls
Saudi Arabia Will Soon Allow Women Into 3 Major Sports Stadiums
Venezuela May Not Be Able To Pay Off Its Billion-Dollar Debt
How 67 Words Helped Lead To The Founding Of Israel
The US May Sanction Iran — But That Won't Stop Iran's Missile Program
Report: Syrian Government Behind Deadly Chemical Weapons Attack
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What Happens Now That Catalonia Declared Independence?
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Spain Dissolves Catalonia's Parliament After It Declares Independence
Catalonia's President Punts Independence Decision To Parliament
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Russia Voted To Block Investigators From Continuing Work In Syria
The US Will Start Admitting Refugees Again — With 'Enhanced Vetting'
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A Holdout Just Joined The Paris Climate Agreement
World Wine Production Could Be The Lowest In Decades
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London Fights Pollution By Charging Drivers Of Older, Polluting Cars
Spain Outlines Its Plan For Catalonia: New Leader, New Parliament
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe Vows 'Countermeasures' Against North Korea
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Japan's PM Might Get A Shot At Revising Its Pacifist Constitution
The WHO Takes Back Robert Mugabe's Goodwill Ambassador Appointment
Niger Ambush: Here's What We Know So Far
Aviation Authorities Want To Ban Laptops In Checked Bags
Spain Set To Remove Catalan Officials From Power, Call New Elections
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North Korea Warns Australia Against Trump In 'Unprecedented' Letter
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Spain Wants To Take Away Catalonia's Ability To Run Its Own Government
A Former Socialite Is Russia's New Opposition Presidential Candidate
A New Law Could Force Muslim Women In Quebec To Uncover Their Faces
France Could Soon Ban Street Harassment By Imposing A Heavy Fine
China's Only Political Party Meets To Set Agenda, Pick Leaders
After 148 Days Of Destruction, Duterte Says Marawi City Is 'Liberated'
US-Backed Forces Take Over ISIS' 'Capital' In Syria
North Korea Official Warns Nuclear War 'May Break Out Any Moment'
The EU Just Hit North Korea With More Sanctions — But Will They Work?
Kurds Lose Kirkuk As Iraqi Forces Take Back Oil Fields, Air Base
Afro Combs Are Art In This Portrait Series
At Least 3 Dead As Ex-Hurricane Ophelia Slams Into Ireland
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Hamas And Palestine's Dominant Party Are Trying To Patch Things Up
The US Is Leaving UNESCO — Again
After Conflict And Violence, These Refugee Kids Draw What They Saw
Paris Sets Accelerated Timeline To Eliminate Diesel And Gas Vehicles
Rodrigo Duterte Tells Police To Stay Out Of The War On Drugs