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Saudi Arabia Says Its King Will Fund Qatari Pilgrims' Trip To Mecca
China's Government Gets Historic Publisher To Censor 300 Articles
Venezuela's Controversial New Assembly Voted For Law-Passing Powers
US Navy Announces Punishments For Crew On USS Fitzgerald
Police Arrest 4 In Connection With Spain Terror Attacks
Several Attackers Killed In Shootout Related To Barcelona Attack
After Barcelona, Trump Plugs Fiction About Pershing And Pig's Blood
Cutting This Immigration Program May Lead To More Illegal Immigration
Chinese And Indian Troops' Latest Border Clash Stems From A Big Issue
Van Plows Into Crowd In Barcelona; At Least 13 Dead, Over 50 Injured
An Australian Official Wore A Burqa In A Push For It To Be Banned
South Korea's President Promises Citizens 'There Won't Be Another War'
Smart Fabric Could Act Like A Shield In A Gas Attack
Malala Yousafzai Is Heading To College
Terrorism And Civil Unrest Make Some Cities In The US Less Livable
Death Toll Rises, Hundreds Killed In Devastating Sierra Leone Mudslide
Kim Jong-Un Seems To Hit Pause On Sending Missiles Toward Guam
Iran Claims It Could Restart Its Nuclear Program 'Within Hours'
Australian Cafe Charges Men Extra To Make A Point About Gender Pay Gap
Venezuelan President Uses Trump Threats To Galvanize His People
As Many As Half A Million Yemenis May Have Cholera Amidst Civil War
Here's The Rundown On NAFTA Ahead Of This Week's Negotiations
Here's Why London's Big Ben Will Be Quieter Than Usual Until 2021
US Condemns Brutal Killings Of White Helmet Volunteers In Syria
At Least 18 Dead After Gunmen Attack Restaurant In Burkina Faso
For The First Time In Years, Russia Is Training Women Fighter Pilots
Trump Wants To Investigate China's Intellectual Property Rules
Iran Aims To Boost Defense Spending In Response To US Sanctions
At Least 24 Reportedly Killed In Kenya Post-Election Violence
Trump Tells Guam Amid North Korea Tensions: 'You Are Safe'
Facebook Quietly Released A Photo-Sharing App In China
Amid North Korea Threat, Trump Weighs Military Action In Venezuela
Kenya's Newly Re-elected President Calls For Calm As Violence Grows
'Marry Your Rapist' Laws Are Becoming Less Common
Is Diplomacy With North Korea A Waste Of Time Or The Only Way Forward?
Israel Is Literally Going Underground To Keep Hamas Out
Dozens Killed In Deadly Train Crash In Egypt
China May Not Help North Korea If It Decides To Attack The US First
North Korea's History Is Far More Complex Than 25 Years Of Aggression
US Company Wants To Resume The Search For Missing Flight MH370
Canada Struggles To Help Influx Of Haitian Asylum-Seekers From The US
North Korea's Neighbors — Not Just Guam — Are Used To Threats
The North Korean Standoff Is (And Isn't) Like The Cuban Missile Crisis
North Korea Gives Details On Its Threat To Launch Rockets At Guam
Privatize America's Longest War?
What We Know About An 'Incident' At The US Embassy In Cuba
Kenyan Presidential Challenger: Election Was Hacked
Tillerson Pours Cold Water On Trump's 'Fire And Fury'
North Korea Releases Canadian Pastor On 'Sick Bail'
A Look At North Korea's Nuclear Arsenal
This May Be The Atlantic's First Hurricane Of The Year
A Police Chief Is Female In A Place Where Women Often Must Stay Home
At Least 19 Dead After Powerful Earthquake Rocks Southwest China
France And Germany Fight European Tax Loophole Used By US Companies
North Korea Warns It Is Considering A Missile Attack On Guam
What To Know About North Korea's Hwasong-14 Intercontinental Missile
South Africa's President Survives Another No-Confidence Vote
The US Could Be Considering Airstrikes Against ISIS In The Philippines
'Little Pompeii' Reveals Ancient Roman Life In Modern-Day France
Violent Incidents Cast A Dark Cloud Over Kenya's Upcoming Election
To Some In France, The First Lady's Role Should Remain Unofficial
How An Ordinary Wall Can Help Locals In Need
Why Israeli Officials Are Trying To Shut Down Al Jazeera
As Habitats Shrink, There Is Such A Thing As Too Many Elephants
North Korea Threatens US Over Tough New UN Sanctions
Myanmar Denies UN's 'Crimes Against Humanity' Allegations
China Supports Tough New UN Sanctions Against North Korea
Iran's President Says New US Sanctions Undermine Nuclear Deal
US Military Ends Search For 3 Missing Marines After Aircraft 'Mishap'
Study: Climate Change Could Kill 150,000 Europeans A Year By 2100
Venezuela's Controversial Constituent Assembly Opens
Police: Investigations Into Israeli Prime Minister Involve Fraud
Brazil's Embattled President Michel Temer Likely To Avoid Impeachment
Countries Are Competing To Lure Scientists Away From The US
Trump Says A New Sanctions Bill He Signed Is 'Seriously Flawed'
Venezuela's Voter Turnout Numbers Were Manipulated 'Without Any Doubt'
Prince Philip Is Stepping Out Of The Public Spotlight
What A Flag Can Tell You About Its Country
Graham Says Military Action Against North Korea Might Be 'Inevitable'
Some Afghan Women Are Demanding To Be Called By Their Names
Poland And The EU Are Facing Off Over A UNESCO-Protected Forest
2 Main Venezuelan Opposition Leaders Have Been Taken From Their Homes
French Court Orders Government To Provide Humanitarian Aid To Migrants
Los Angeles Has Struck A Deal To Host The 2028 Summer Olympics
US Sanctions Venezuelan 'Dictator' Nicolás Maduro
Middle East Leaders Seem Excited To Work With Trump
Apple Goes Along With China's Latest VPN Crackdown
Photos Changed Minds About Periods In This Nepali Village
Free Movement Of People Between The UK And EU Is Ending
US And Japanese Leaders Commit To Putting More Pressure On North Korea
Voter Turnout In Venezuela Assembly Election Causes Even More Conflict
The EU Is Keeping Hamas On Its Terrorist Blacklist For Now
Venezuela's Controversial Vote Is Sunday; Here's What You Should Know
10,000 Troops Being Deployed In Rio De Janeiro To Counter Crime Wave
Qatar Accuses Saudi Arabia Of Restricting Access To Muslim Holy Site
Why It's So Hard To Get Everyone Access To Clean Water
US Officials Detect Another North Korean Missile Launch
Animals Abandoned In A Syrian Amusement Park Are Getting Help
Pakistan Ousts Prime Minister Amid Panama Papers Allegations
Russia Fires Back After Congress Greenlights Sanctions