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Suspect In Washington Mall Shooting Arrested In 'Zombie-Like' State
Obama Is Pretty Pumped About The New Black History Museum
Trump's Clinton Friendship Comes Back To Bite Him On Black Outreach
Tribes Across North America Sign Treaty To Fight Tar Sands Expansion
Google's Parent Company Might Want To Buy Twitter
Ted Cruz Finally Gave In And Endorsed Donald Trump
Cellphone Footage Shows Fatal Police Shooting Of Keith Lamont Scott
Sanders' Brother — The Original Bernie Bro
Marijuana Legalization Initiatives Could Inject $7.8B Into The Economy
Former Trump Official Blaming Obama For Racism Has Resigned
Trump Suggests Using Controversial Stop-And-Frisk In Cities Beyond NYC
More Use-Of-Force Rules Could Keep Everyone Safer — Including Police
Trump Says Drugs Are A 'Very, Very Big Factor' In Charlotte Protests
Tulsa Officer Who Shot Terence Crutcher Will Face Manslaughter Charges
Are Self-Storage Units Really Worth The Cost?
The NBA Doesn't Want Players Protesting The National Anthem
Thousands Are Calling For In-N-Out To Finally Serve Veggie Burgers
If This Conflict Bubbles Over, The US Could Be Next To Get Involved
Second Night Of Charlotte Protests Spur A State Of Emergency
Inmates Across The Country Are Striking Against 'Prison Slavery'
The Wage Gap Between White And Black Americans Keeps Widening
US-South Korea Training Will Include Mock Attack On Nuclear Facility
Deadly Police Shooting Sparks Violent Protests In Charlotte, N.C.
Congress Wants To Take A Step Back From Saudi Arabia
Asking For A Friend: Are DJs Faking It?
Cat-Scratch Disease Is Putting More Infected People In The Hospital
Beyond The Runway: The Unseen Side Of Life As A Model
The US Accidentally Granted Citizenship To Hundreds Of Immigrants
A Kennedy Says President George H.W. Bush Is Voting For Clinton
Kim Kardashian Gets Serious In Full-Page New York Times Ad
Title IX Protects K-12 Students, And Obama Wants It Enforced
Dashcam Footage Shows Unarmed Black Man Being Fatally Shot By Police
A Tiny Portion Of US Adults Own Half The Nation's Guns
'Transparent' Star Calls For More Opportunities For Transgender Actors
Ted Cruz Wants America To 'Take Off The Blinders' To Fight Terrorism
Experts Are Warning Doctors Not To Prescribe Codeine To Kids
Suspect In NYC, NJ Bombings Taken Into Custody
3 Shark Attacks In Less Than 3 Hours At A Florida Beach
Bombs Found In NJ Trash Can A Day After NYC, NJ Explosions
North Carolina Is Beginning To Realize It Can't Afford To Keep HB2
ISIS Claims Responsibility For Minnesota Stabbing Attack
Extra Safety Precautions In Place Following NYC Explosion
Pakistan Won't Legally Recognize This Minority Group As Muslim
Here's What You Need To Know About The Bridgegate Trial
Explosions Rock An Apartment Building In NYC, Charity Run In N.J.
US Admits Coalition Airstrike Might Have Killed Syrian Soldiers
Trump On Clinton's Gun Control Policies: Her Guards 'Should Disarm'
A Sinkhole In Florida Is Leaking Radioactive Water Into The Ground
Boyfriend Of Bobbi Kristina Brown Held Responsible For Her Death
The US Government Wasn't Really Going To Kill Thousands Of Wild Horses
Those Record Low Obamacare Rates Might Be Short-Lived
East Coast Gas Prices Are Expected To Spike, Thanks To A Pipeline Leak
Trump Jr. Says Media Is Clinton's Top Surrogate, Numbers Say Otherwise
New York's Public Internet Experiment Had A Porn Problem
Religion Is Worth A LOT To The Economy
Here's One Thing That Could Lower Re-incarceration Rates
More And More Employees Are Testing Positive For Illicit Drugs
Ohio Police Shoot And Kill 13-Year-Old Carrying A BB Gun
Sandra Bland's Family Gets $1.9M Settlement In Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Focus Of George Zimmerman Testimony Shifts To Black Lives Matter
The Public Doesn't Really Trust The Media
Round 2? N.Y. Attorney General Is Investigating The Trump Foundation
Even More Creepy Clown Sightings Have Been Reported Down South
President Obama Plans To Increase Number Of Refugees Admitted Into US
Ivanka Trump, Squealing Baby Help Donald Trump Unveil Child Care Plan
Russian Hackers Accuse US Olympians Of Doping
The NCAA's Opposition To HB2 Is Giving North Carolina March Sadness
Bernie Sanders: 'Stop The Pipeline. Respect Native American Rights'
Human Trafficking Is Booming In California's Shadowy Weed Industry
Trump Breaks From GOP Norms To Offer Paid Maternity Leave
Snowden Will Get More Than A Pardon If Jill Stein Is Elected President
President Duterte's Discontent With US Could Pose Problems ... For Him
We're Seeing Less Violence, So Why Is America More Afraid?
Heart-Melting: Strangers Raise Nearly $300K For Elderly Ice Cream Man
After 41 Seasons, 'SNL' Welcomes Its First Latina Cast Member
NY Teen Was A 'Different Person' After Contracting Brain-Eating Amoeba
Attention All Shoppers: Grocery Prices Are Continuing To Plummet
It's Not Just You — August Really Was Hotter Than Ever
Princeton And Harvard Are The Best Colleges In The Nation ... Again
Soccer's Popularity Increased — And So Did The Rate Of Injury For Kids
Some 'Food Insecure' Teens Turning To Dangerous Means To Eat
Don't Feel Bodoh — We Didn't Know What These Words Meant, Either
Another Cease-Fire Begins In Syria — Will This One Last?
US Navy Tests New Ships With Underwater Explosions. It's Hardcore
Iran Denies Its Navy Has Been Harassing US Warships
The Mosque That The Pulse Nightclub Shooter Attended Was Set On Fire
Illnesses From 9/11 Debris Could Be Deadlier Than The Attacks
An Elephant Tranquilizer Might Be Making The US Heroin Epidemic Worse
Hillary Clinton Leaves 9/11 Memorial Service Early, Sparking Rumors
Another TLC Scandal: Willis Patriarch Charged With Child Rape
Man Who Shot Ronald Reagan Released More Than 30 Years Later
The Teen Arrested For Pretending To Be A Doctor Is In Trouble Again
9/11 Commission Chairs: More Must Be Done To Combat Extremist Ideology
Wait, The US Is Just Now Getting A Cybersecurity Chief?
Jill Stein Says There's More To Learn About What Happened On 9/11
The Only Thing Scarier Than These Photos Is The US Heroin Trend
The US Intel Community Has Added Major Real Estate Since 9/11
Rush Limbaugh Urges Republicans To Abandon Never-Trump Train
Trump-Clinton Photos Show How Weird This Election Really Is
Trump And Clinton May Be Rivals, But Their Daughters Remain Friends