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Cases Of An Often Drug-Resistant Fungal Infection Were Found In The US
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The 'W' Flag Was Practical Before It Was Iconic
Hulk Hogan Settled His Case With Gawker For $31 Million
'The Apprentice' Producer Warns Staff Against Leaking Info To Press
White Nationalists Plan To Keep Anti-Trump Voters From The Polls
Activist DeRay Mckesson Is With Her — But Not On Everything
2 Iowa Officers Ambushed, Killed While Sitting In Their Squad Cars
Uber And Lyft Seem To Have A Racial Discrimination Problem
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The Pope (Once Again) Says Women Weren't Meant For Priesthood
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New Clinton Case Emails Reportedly Came From Weiner Sexting Probe
SCOTUS To Make Decision Concerning Transgender Bathroom Use In Schools
Vulnerable GOP Senator Gets Backlash For Racially Charged Comment
Police Kill Native Americans At A Higher Rate Than Any Other Race
When It Comes To Cocaine Busts, The Coast Guard Had A Really Good Year
FBI Reviews New Evidence In Clinton Email Investigation
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A Stranded Motorist Got Some Unexpected Help From Trump Jr.
Internet Providers Now Need Your Blessing To Use Your Personal Info
Bundy Brothers, Others Found Not Guilty In Wildlife Refuge Standoff
WikiLeaks Release Shows Clinton Camp Prepping For Questions About Bill
Tensions Continue To Rise At Dakota Access Pipeline Protests
Green Party Candidate For Senate Crashes Maryland Debate
A Lot Of Guns Used In New York Crimes Might Come From Out Of State
More Than Half Of US Voters Are Worried About Violence On Election Day
Americans Have Italian Food All Wrong
'Patient Zero' Wasn't Responsible For The US AIDS Epidemic; NYC Was
BYU Has Finally Changed How It Handles Sexual Assault Cases
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Former Gang Members See Themselves In A New Way — Without Tattoos
Secretary Of Defense Suspends Recollections Of Veterans Bonuses
The World Series May Already Be Over, According To Stats (And Animals)
Undocumented Immigrants Are Getting Out The Vote In Arizona
Ex-KKK Leader David Duke To Debate At Historically Black University
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Colin Powell Says He's With Her
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