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Home COVID-19 Tests Still Aren't Approved, But Results Getting Faster
Airlines Must Reimburse Customers For COVID-19 Flight Cancellations
NY Governor To Order Redistribution Of Ventilators
CDC Officially Recommends Americans Wear Nonmedical Masks
Army Sets Up Medical Tents In Seattle To Alleviate Local Hospitals
Fauci Says All States Should Be Under Stay-At-Home Orders
New York City Is Running Out Of Supplies To Help Coronavirus Patients
California Fire Victims Seek Updated Settlement With PG&E
Jason Rezaian Talks About Living in Isolation
Memo: Some Americans May Not Receive Coronavirus Aid Until August
White House Says Military Will Operate COVID-19 Facilities
Billie Eilish's Mom Has A Plan To Get Food To First Responders
NYC First Responders Work To Address Unprecedented Number Of Calls
Small Businesses Can Start Applying For Coronavirus Relief Loans
Navy Captain Relieved Of Command After Sharing COVID-19 Concerns
Life Has Changed: New York City Bike Shops Are Essential Businesses
Parents In College Admissions Scandal Ask Judge To Dismiss Charges
Experts Say Coronavirus Can Spread Through Talking, Breathing
How Are Schools Dealing With The Digital Divide?
Florida Reaches Agreement With Cruise Ships To Disembark
Americans Urged To Avoid Church Services Of More Than 10 People
Trump Considering Halting U.S. Flights Between Coronavirus Hot Spots
More Than 1,000 NYPD Officers Have COVID-19
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Issues Stay-At-Home Order
Life Has Changed: 'Fostering Pets Is The Cool Thing To Do Right Now'
'They're Going To Do Their Job:' Police Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Nurses Say They Were Fired For Voicing Concerns Amid Pandemic
Florida's Broken Unemployment System Is Causing Problems Statewide
Coast Guard Issues New Evacuation Rules For Cruise Ships
Army Asking Individual Ready Reserve Soldiers To Fight Coronavirus
April 1 Marks U.S. 'Census Day'
Major Medical Staffing Company Cuts Salaries, Benefits For ER Workers
U.S. Aircraft Carrier In Guam Asks For COVID-19 Help
More Than 5 Million Customers Affected In Latest Marriott Hack
Tech Support: How Some Doulas Plan to Deliver Virtual Care
Health Expert Says Social Distancing Measures Are Working
Coach Who Disarmed Student Receives U.S.' Highest Civilian Honor
Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker Extends Stay-At-Home Order
Life Has Changed: New York Doctor Changes Practice To Telemedicine
Transgender, Non-Binary People Want Visibility In Reproductive Health
Coronavirus Cases In Prisons Continue To Spread After Deadly Weekend
Appeals Court: Texas Can Ban Abortions Amid Pandemic
New York Gov. Says 1 Million More Health Care Workers Are Needed
Do Closed Courts Violate A Defendant's Sixth Amendment Rights?
COVID-19 Fatalities Surpass 3,000 In U.S.
How Life Has Changed For One Jazz Musician In New Orleans
Colorado Lab Working On Vaccine, Disinfectant Against COVID-19
Virginia Issues Official Stay-At-Home Order
Poll: 1 in 20 Households Bought A Gun In Response To COVID-19
U.S. Navy Ship Docks In NYC To Care For Non-Coronavirus Patients
Florida Sets Up Checkpoints To Screen Motorists From COVID-19 Hotspots
Fauci Says 100,000 To 200,000 In U.S. May Die From Coronavirus
Chicago Man Fighting Coronavirus Shares His Experience
New York City To Fine Social Distancing Violators
Tornado In Jonesboro, Arkansas, Leaves 22 Injured
AP Analysis: Most Counties Without COVID-19 Cases Are Rural
Trump Issues Travel Advisory For NY Area; Stops Short Of Quarantine
Rhode Island Troops Stop Vehicles With New York Plates
Civil Rights Leader Joseph Lowery Dies At 98
Miami Imposes Overnight Curfew To Stop The Spread Of The Coronavirus
Confirmed Coronavirus Cases In The U.S. Surpass 100,000
Life Has Changed: What It's Like To Be In Quarantine In Beijing
Space Force Launches First Mission
Massive Coronavirus Spike Hits Louisiana A Month After Mardi Gras
Activists Ask Trump To Use His Own Legislation To Free Federal Inmates
All 5,000 Crew On USS Theodore Roosevelt To Be Tested For COVID-19
Returning Americans Criticize Lack Of Screening, Quarantine Guidance
The U.S. Has More Coronavirus Cases Than Any Other Country
Life Has Changed: Teacher With Kids Struggles To Teach Remotely
U.S. Files Criminal Charges Against Venezuela's Maduro
Coronavirus Postpones, Cancels SAT And ACT Exams
DOJ: Intentionally Spreading COVID-19 Could Be Considered Terrorism
FBI Prevents Possible Terrorist Attack At Kansas City, MO, Hospital
Washington National Cathedral Donates 5,000 Masks To Hospitals
Trump Approves FEMA's Major Disaster Declarations For Several States
U.S. Troop Movements Ordered To Halt Over Coronavirus
3 Sailors Aboard U.S. Navy Ship Test Positive For Coronavirus
U.S. Army Will Deploy Combat Hospitals To New York And Washington
Education Department Pauses Collections From Student Loan Borrowers
Life Has Changed: Homeless Vet Says Only Thing He Can Do Is Pray
State Pharmacy Boards Crack Down On Improper Coronavirus Prescriptions
How Small Businesses Are Pivoting In The Coronavirus Pandemic
People Leaving New York Urged To Quarantine For 14 Days
State Department Says It Has Repatriated 9,000 Americans Amid Outbreak
Harvard's President, Wife Test Positive For Coronavirus
Medics Answer Call For Volunteers During Coronavirus Pandemic
Celebrities Beg Fans To Stay Home Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
Why U.S. Hospitals Don't Have Enough Respirators and Ventilators
Colorado Becomes 22nd State To Abolish Death Penalty
National Guard Debunks Concerns Over Medical Staff Shortages
Life Has Changed: In San Diego, Boxes Of Food Instead Of Paychecks
Doctors Say Self-Medicating With Chloroquine Can Be Dangerous
Dozens Of NYPD Employees Test Positive For The Coronavirus
U.S. Airlines Reportedly Getting Ready For Potential Shutdown
Life Has Changed: St. Paul Restaurant Reopens As Community Kitchen
Sen. Amy Klobuchar's Husband Tests Positive For Coronavirus
Life Has Changed: Bartender Says Coronavirus Makes Her Fear For Future
Chicago Jail Officer, 2 Detainees Test Positive For The Coronavirus
Some California Beaches Closed After Residents Ignore Governor's Order
PG&E To Plead Guilty To Manslaughter Over California Camp Fire