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More Than 100 Allege Misconduct By Ohio State Team Doctor
Capital Gazette Shooting Suspect Indicted On 23 Counts
Ky. Medicaid Recipients Will Get Vision And Dental Benefits Back
Asylum Case Wins Vary Greatly By City, But It's Unclear Why
Circumcision Is Controversial, But It's Not The Norm Everywhere
Judge Dismisses Climate Change Lawsuit Against Major Oil Companies
Your Parents' Financial Success Might Determine Yours
17 Dead After Boat Capsizes On Missouri Lake During Storm
Minorities More Likely Than Whites To Report Problems While Voting
NYPD Moves Forward With Disciplinary Process In Death Of Eric Garner
LGBTQ Advocates Concerned About 'Religious Freedom' Adoption Measure
Can The US Work With Russia In Syria? It's Complicated.
Watchdog Concludes EPA Was Slow To Respond To Flint Water Crisis
This Man Made It Possible (And Maybe Legal) To 3D Print Guns
'Robin Hood' Is Classic, But Is It Worth At Least 8 Film Adaptations?
Taliban Spokesman Disputes Report About Suicide Bombings
Dream Jobs: Restaurant E-Impresario
Comcast Drops Out Of Bidding War For 21st Century Fox Assets
Kavanaugh Said He'd Overturn Ruling Upholding Independent Counsel
Study: National Park Air Quality Is Similar To Largest US Cities
California Supreme Court Blocks Ballot Initiative To Split State
A Mother's Journey From Violence In Mexico To Legal Limbo In The US
Smarter Rebuilding Will Make Future Natural Disasters Less Expensive
How To Reduce The Immigration Case Backlog? Depends Who You Ask
EPA Rolling Back Obama-Era Coal Ash Rules
Big Families Are Out; Education And Income Are In
4 Blue States Sue Federal Government Over Tax Deduction Cap
FEMA Reportedly Denied Thousands Of Housing Aid Appeals In Puerto Rico
House GOP Reportedly Plans To Request $5 Billion For A Border Wall
Judge Denies Manafort Request To Move Trial Away From Washington, DC
Special Counsel Requests Immunity For 5 Witnesses
'World Emoji Day' Is A Global Celebration For A Reason
Mandalay Bay Owner Sues Victims Of 2017 Vegas Mass Shooting
NYPD Is Losing Patience With Federal Investigators In Eric Garner Case
'Lava Bomb' From Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Injures 22 People
'Pod Save America' Host On How To Fix The Media Landscape
Illinois Governor Signs 'Red Flag' Gun Bill Into Law
Uber Reportedly Under Federal Investigation For Gender Discrimination
China Files Another Complaint With WTO Over Proposed $200B Tariffs
'The Atomic Age': How The Era Of Nuclear Anxiety Affects Us Today
Obama Travels To Africa For The First Time Since Leaving Office
The Evolution Of Video Games
Trump Administration Reportedly Willing To Talk With The Taliban
California Democratic Party Endorses Dianne Feinstein's Opponent
Scarlett Johansson Withdraws From Playing Role Of Transgender Man
Microsoft President Wants Congress To Regulate Facial Recognition Use
Roe V. Wade, Explained
Mueller's Team Indicts 12 Russians On Hacking-Related Charges
House Will Vote On Bill To Abolish ICE; Democrats Call It A 'Stunt'
Trump Didn't Rule Out Suspending NATO Military Exercises If Putin Asks
FEMA Says It Did Not Adequately Plan For Hurricane Maria's Devastation
Younger Generations Are Leading The Movements For Change
There Was One Clear Concern In Peter Strzok's Hearing: Bias
7 Chain Restaurants Are Ending Their 'No Poaching' Hiring Policy
Gohmert Questions Strzok's Credibility By Asking About His Affair
NATO's Eastern Front Supports Trump's Spending Demands
DOJ Plans To Appeal Time Warner-AT&T Merger Ruling
Secret Service Releases School Shooting Prevention Guide
Rep. Lieu Says 450,000 People In Jail Can't Afford Bail — Not Quite
Trump Administration Reunifies Young Immigrant Kids With Parents
Mass Incarceration Of Parents Affects Kids' Health Into Adulthood
Here's How Some States Are Already Reducing Prison Populations
North Korea Reportedly Skipped A Meeting About Returning War Remains
Alabama To Stop Giving Extra Jail Food Funds Directly To Sheriffs
Trump: NATO Allies Agreed To Increase Spending
Federal Government Reopens Investigation Into Emmett Till's 1955 Death
Stoneman Douglas Students File Lawsuit Over School Shooting
The Number Of School Resource Officers Is Growing
Peter Strzok Set To Testify Thursday After Lisa Page Dodges Subpoena
What Became Of America's '47 Percent'?
Mueller Court Doc Says Manafort Is Getting 'VIP' Treatment In Jail
Federal Court Rules TSA Is Immune From Abuse Claims
This Huge iPad Could Help Make City Life Easier
Smart City Tech Adds Innovative Solutions — And Tough New Problems
Dream Jobs: Antiquer
Pence Says He Hasn't Spoken With Kavanaugh About Roe v. Wade
Manafort No Longer Wants To Move Jails While He Awaits Trial
Drake Breaks Records Held By The Beatles, Michael Jackson
China Promises To Lodge Complaint Over More US Tariffs
San Diego Comic-Con's Origin Story Involved More Than Just Comic Books
Dream Jobs: Hair And Makeup Artist
One Of The Latest Breastfeeding Controversies Was Fueled By The US
President Trump Fully Pardons 2 Oregon Ranchers
Boston Discusses Giving Legal Immigrants Voting Rights
Lawmakers Were Quick To React To Trump's SCOTUS Nominee Decision
Judge Denies DOJ Request To Detain Immigrant Kids More Than 20 Days
Judge Extends Deadline To Reunite Migrant Families
New York's Governor Wants To Codify The Protections In Roe V. Wade
ACLU: Migrant Children, Families Unlikely To Be Reunited By Deadline
Pompeo Says North Korea Should Follow Vietnam's Example And Trust U.S.
Rental Housing Is The Most Expensive It's Been
Twitter Is Suspending 1M Accounts Per Day In Post-Election Crackdown
NYT: Trump's Legal Team Changes Demands For Mueller Interview
Trump Administration Halts Payments Under Obamacare Program
Riot Charges Dropped Against Remaining Inauguration Day Protesters
California Is Battling Several Wildfires
North Korea Calls Denuclearization Talks With US 'Regrettable'
EPA Reportedly Blocking Release Of Formaldehyde Cancer Study
Sizable Tax Debt Could Prevent Passport Renewal
Migrant Parents File Complaints About Communication With Their Kids