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NY Lawmakers Vote To Offer Financial Aid For Undocumented Students
Study: Government Owes Furloughed Workers $6 Billion In Back Pay
Public Service Bonds Us Beyond Identity and Politics
The Government Shutdown Could Affect Our Drinking Water — Here's How
White House Holds Roundtable On US Health Care Pricing System
At Least Five People Dead After Shooting At Florida Bank
Paul Manafort's Attorneys Say He Was Inconsistent But Didn't Lie
Oregon Measles Outbreak Prompts Public Health Emergency In Washington
Julian Assange Takes Legal Action Against US Justice Department
Michael Cohen Postpones House Testimony Due To 'Ongoing Threats'
Walgreens Shells Out $269M In Improper Billing Lawsuit Settlements
'The Why' Explores: Do Supreme Court Cases Show A Shift?
Senate To Vote On Competing Bills To Reopen Government
Becoming An American: Alena Sandimirova
The Los Angeles Teachers Strike Is Officially Over
Full Operations Resume At Newark Airport After Nearby Drone Sighting
FBI Agents Say Partial Government Shutdown Is Hurting Operations
How Did 'Baby Shark' Swim Its Way to Billboard's Top 100?
Singer Chris Brown Released From Jail Following Rape Allegation
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How 'Minding The Gap' Embraces Skateboarding's Vulnerable Side
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Lawyer Says American Detained In Russia Possessed 'State Secrets'
China Warns US Against Seeking Extradition Of Huawei Executive
Giuliani Walks Back On Comments Regarding Moscow Tower Talks
Dream Jobs: Game Designer
Delta Pays To Reopen Martin Luther King Jr. National Park For Holiday
Unscheduled TSA Absences Continue To Rise As Shutdown Wears On
Sen. Kamala Harris Announces 2020 Presidential Bid
Becoming An American: Youngmin Lo
CBP Agents Catch Group Of Hundreds Of Migrants In Arizona
Study Links Opioid Overdoses To Pharma Companies' Marketing
Despite Cloud Of Controversy, Washington Women's March Draws Hundreds
This College Student Led Her Own Women's March In Chicago
Trump Offers Democrats Concessions To End Partial Government Shutdown
This Year's Women's March Expected To Be Smaller Than Previous Years
FDA Chief Threatens To Pull E-Cigarettes Off The Market
Former Chicago Police Officer Sentenced In Laquan McDonald Shooting
White House Announces Second US-North Korea Summit
Obstructing Justice Is About Intent As Much As Action
3 Out Of 4 Americans Killed In Syria Bombing Have Been Identified
Explaining Hannity's Claim About Criminals Who Try To Cross The Border
'Diet Culture' Can Set Back People Recovering From Eating Disorders
Natural Disaster Preparations Halted Across US By Government Shutdown
Austin PD Orders New Probe After Audit Finds Misclassified Rapes
FDA To Furlough More Workers To Keep Drug Reviews Funded
Becoming An American: Alina Diaz
Top North Korean Envoy Arrives In Washington DC
3 Chicago Cops Found Not Guilty Of Covering Up 2014 Teen Shooting
Human Beings Evolved To Love Cuteness: How 'Kawaii' Conquered The West
Florida's New Gov. Wants To End A Ban On Smoking Medical Marijuana
Women In Chicago Can March On, Thanks To This College Student
More Than 770 Million Emails And Passwords Exposed In Data Breach
Is Student Loan Debt Making It Harder For Young People To Buy Homes?
Govt. Report Says Thousands More Children Were Separated At Border
Bill Would Offer Financial Relief For Federal Workers During Shutdown
Trump Unveils Long-Awaited Missile Defense Review
2 US Soldiers, 2 US Civilians Killed In Syria Explosion
A Look At The Realities Of Domestic Work Behind Netflix's 'Roma'
Watchdog: GSA 'Ignored' Constitution By Letting Trump Keep Hotel Lease
Michigan State University's Interim President Resigns
Are American Schools Focusing Too Much On Athletics?
YouTube Cracks Down On Dangerous Challenge Videos And Pranks
Coast Guard Members Miss Paychecks Amid Shutdown
Judge Says Police Can't Force Phone Unlocks Using Biometric Features
Mexico's Former President Allegedly Accepted Bribe From 'El Chapo'
Government Asking Thousands Of Federal Employees To Come Back To Work
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Announces 2020 Presidential Bid
House Passes Resolution Condemning White Supremacy
Most People Know Less About GMOs Than They Think
Trump's Govt. Shutdown Is Undermining His Own Criminal Justice Reform
Trump's Pick For Attorney General Faces Tough Questions From Senators
Pentagon Extends Border Mission Through End Of September
FDA Resumes Food Inspections
House GOP Leaders Remove Rep. Steve King From Committee Assignments
Judge Blocks Trump Administration Contraception Coverage Rules
Suspect In Jayme Closs Kidnapping Appears In Court
Canadian Prime Minister Reacts To China's Sentence Of Canadian Citizen
SCOTUS Won't Rule On Whether CFPB Is Too Independent
A Government Shutdown Makes National Parks Riskier Than Usual
China's Exports Fell In December, But Trade Surplus With US Is Growing
Dream Jobs: Cirque Du Soleil
You May Have A Higher Chance Of Dying Of An Opioid OD Than A Car Crash
SCOTUS Denies Request To Rule On Legality Of Whitaker As Acting AG
Massive Los Angeles Teachers Strike Is Officially On
PG&E Plans To File For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protections
GoFundMe To Refund More Than $20M Raised For Border Wall