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Pope Francis Issues A Letter Condemning Sexual Abuse By Priests
Criminal Charges Could Be Filed Against Michael Cohen Very Soon
EPA Proposal Would Roll Back Standards Meant To Curb CO2 Emissions
White House Counsel Don McGahn Is Reportedly Cooperating With Mueller
Privatization Of Afghan War Not Under Consideration, NSC Says
Youth Unemployment Is Down, But So Is Labor Force Participation
CNN: Bomb That Hit Yemeni Bus Of Children Was US-Made
How #MeToo Is Changing How Men Cope With Sexual Trauma
HUD Accuses Facebook Of Discriminatory Housing Ads
New Haven, Conn. Is Struggling With A Rash Of K2 Overdoses
ESPN Won't Televise The National Anthem Before Monday Night Football
Former CIA Officials Criticize Trump For Revoking Brennan's Clearance
Trump Might Take Away Bruce Ohr's Security Clearance. So, Who Is He?
New Forest Service Plan Aims To Alleviate Wildfire Problem
Don't Call It The 'LDS' Or 'Mormon' Church Anymore
AG Tells Immigration Judges To Move Through Deportation Cases Quicker
Yes, Taxes Help Pay For LeBron James' School, But That's Not New
Trump Cancels Previously Delayed Military Parade Amid Rising Costs
Today's Horror Films Are Hitting Too Close To Home
Retired Navy Admiral Asks Trump To Revoke His Security Clearance
Pentagon Claims China Is 'Likely' Training Military To Target The US
Trump's Military Parade Could Be Delayed Amid Rising Costs
NYU Medical School Just Gave All Its Students A Full Ride
Sessions Says DOJ Will Prosecute Those With 'Undetectable' Guns
Vatican Feels 'Shame And Sorrow' Over Recent Sexual Abuse Report
Official: HHS Doesn't Have To Check On Kids Released From Its Custody
Hundreds Of Newspapers To Trump: 'We Are Not The Enemy'
For The First Time, The FDA Has Approved A Generic EpiPen Alternative
DOJ, DEA Want Drug Companies To Produce Less Opioids In 2019
Trump's Military Parade Could Cost More Than We Thought
Is Our Obsession With Filtered Selfies Triggering A Disorder?
Some Oat-Based Breakfast Favorites May Contain Weed Killer
Brennan Says Trump Is Trying To Scare His Critics Into Silence
Aretha Franklin, Queen Of Soul, Has Died At The Age Of 76
Aretha Franklin, Queen Of Soul, Has Died At The Age Of 76
Did You Know You Can Create Your Own Micronation?
DHS Funds Development Of Program For High School Trauma Training
Up For Debate: Should We Genetically Modify Food?
Cuomo Criticized For America 'Was Never That Great' Comment
Colorado Baker Is Going To Court Again After Refusing A Cake Order
CDC Estimates A Record Number Of People Died Of Overdoses In 2017
Officials Lift Evacuation Orders In Carr Fire
Twitter Is Reworking Some Features To Curb Hate Speech And False News
US And Mexico Step Up Their Joint Effort To Fight Drug Cartels
The White House Revoked Former CIA Director John Brennan's Clearance
Trump Administration Sanctions Target China, Singapore And Russia
Deported Parents Could Finally Reunite With 386 Left-Behind Kids
Twitter Is Temporarily Cracking Down On Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones
Puerto Rico Restores Power To Almost All Of Its Residents
More People Are Donating To Causes Ignited By Their Rage
US May Get A 3-Digit National Suicide Hotline Number
Former Baltimore Cop Charged With Assault After Video Goes Viral
Sarah Sanders' Claim About Obama's Black Job Creation Was Way Off
Grand Jury Report Accuses More Than 300 Catholic Priests of Abuse
Paul Manafort's Defense Rests; Trial Advances To Final Arguments
State Of Emergency Declared In Red Tide-Devastated Areas Of Florida
Trump Campaign Takes Legal Action Against Omarosa
What Is Tribalism?
The 'Right Way' To Do Trade Internationally May Not Always Be Obvious
Firefighter Dies Battling Largest Fire In California History
West Virginia Impeaches All 4 State Supreme Court Justices
West Virginia Impeaches 3 Of 4 State Supreme Court Justices
Some Google Apps Might Be Tracking Your Data Without Your Permission
President Trump Signs $717 Billion Defense Authorization Bill
Gov. Watchdog Group Wants Commerce Secretary Investigated
Florida AG Files Manslaughter Charges In 'Stand Your Ground' Case
Study: 1 Million Borrowers Default On Federal Student Loans Every Year
A Space Force Would Probably Bring New Weapons With It
A Former Neo-Nazi Went To Confront Racists At Unite The Right in D.C.
Federal Judge Backs Mueller In Indicted Russian Company's Claim
The Evolution Of Black Representation In Film
US Rep. Keith Ellison Denies Allegations Of Abuse
White Nationalist Rally In DC Outnumbered By Police, Counterprotesters
UVA's President Apologizes To Students Hurt In White Nationalist Rally
Increased Law Enforcement Presence In Charlottesville Over The Weekend
NASA Launches Fastest Spacecraft Ever To Research The Sun's Atmosphere
Trump Chides Harley-Davidson For Plan To Move Some Production Overseas
Airport Security Under Scrutiny After Airline Employee Steals Plane
Jury Awards $289M To Man Who Says Roundup Gave Him Cancer
Twitter Says InfoWars Did Violate Its Policy But Won't Ban It Yet
D.C. Prepares For Second 'Unite The Right' Rally
Rep. Chris Collins Won't Seek Re-election Amid Insider Trading Charges
Betsy DeVos Wants To End Rules Meant To Curb Abuse By Some Colleges
Trump Admin Submits Plan To Reunite Children With Deported Parents
Facebook Bans Sharing Of Blueprints For 3D Printed Guns
How Black Lives Matter Will Counter White Nationalists in Washington
This Medical Student Turned Her Depression Into A Movement
Charlottesville Survivors Reflect On The Wedding Of A Lifetime
California Gov. Declares State Of Emergency As Holy Fire Grows
Kobach Says He'll Recuse Himself From Vote Count In Primary Race
July Was California's Hottest Month On Record
Judge Orders 2 Deported Immigrants Seeking Appeal Returned To US
Unspoken: Doctor Depression And Suicide
Who Was The Real-Life Partner Of The 'BlacKkKlansman'?
Deadly Nashville Police Shooting Caught On Surveillance Video
This Project Is Battling Bias In Speech Recognition
Border Agent Who Fatally Shot Mexican Teen Isn't Immune, Court Says
Policy Changes Could Make Air Travel Easier For Transgender People
VP Mike Pence Announces Official Launch Of Space Force
California Could Be First State To Pass Patient's Right To Know Act