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Three Chicago Cops Indicted In Cover-Up Of Laquan McDonald Shooting
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Trump: Obama 'Colluded Or Obstructed' In Response To Russian Meddling
Senate GOP Tweak Health Care Bill Ahead Of Potential Vote
Millennials Are More Likely To Head To The Library Than Other Adults
Supreme Court To Decide Colorado Same-Sex Wedding-Cake Case
The Supreme Court Just Handed Trump His First 'Travel Ban' Win
Philando Castile's Family Settles With Minnesota City
Ramadan Has Ended, And For The White House, So Has A 20-Year Tradition
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State Department Statistics Show Refugee Numbers Have Dropped
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Why Trump Made It Easier To Fire VA Employees
California Has Its Own Travel Ban, And It's Expanding
Rep. Steve Scalise Is Out Of The ICU After Baseball Field Shooting
The Military Might Delay Policy That Lets Transgender People Enlist
Trump Taps Campaign Fundraisers For UK And Belgium Ambassadorships
Judge Declares Another Mistrial For Ex-Cop Who Fatally Shot Sam DuBose
Ferguson Settles Wrongful Death Suit With Michael Brown's Family
There Could Be A Link Between Car Wrecks And Marijuana
Obama: 'Fundamental Meanness At The Core' Of GOP Health Care Bills
SCOTUS: 'Immaterial' Lies Don't Warrant Denaturalization Of Immigrants
Yellowstone Grizzlies Are Losing Their Endangered Species Protection
John Oliver Is In Legal Trouble For His Rant About A Coal CEO
What GOP Opposition To Senate Health Care Bill Means For Its Passage
Reaction To Senate GOP's Health Care Bill Was Quick And Critical
When Is A Crime A Hate Crime?
The Senate Health Care Bill Looks A Lot Like The House's
Pentagon Spent $94M On 'Inappropriate' Uniforms For Afghan Troops
FBI Investigating Flint Airport Stabbing As Act of Terrorism
Ex-Officer Found Not Guilty After Fatally Shooting Sylville Smith
It's Really Rare For One Fighter Jet To Take Down Another: Here's Why
Senate Passes On Trump's Plan To Privatize Air Traffic Control
Uber Unveils '180 Days Of Change,' Starting With Enabling Driver Tips
Here's Dashcam Video Of What Happened Before Philando Castile Was Shot
12 Local Jurisdictions Will Receive Federal Help With Violent Crime
Unseen No Longer: Senate Health Care Bill To Be Unveiled Thursday
Flights Out Of Phoenix Were Canceled Because It's Too Hot To Fly
Human Rights Court Claims Russian Law Encourages Homophobia
Democrats Hold Senate Floor To Protest GOP Health Care Efforts
This Reporter's Had Enough Of Sean Spicer's No-Video, No-Audio Updates
US Supreme Court Gives Sex Offenders More Freedom Online
New Details Released In Congressional Baseball Practice Shooting
Student Held By North Korea Dies After Returning To US
Google Has Announced A Plan To Fight ISIS... With Targeted Ads
Seattle Police Shoot And Kill Pregnant Woman In Her Home
USPS To Release First-Of-Its-Kind Stamp For Once-In-A-Lifetime Event
Russia Blasts US For Shooting Down Syrian Warplane
A Halal Nail Polish Line May Let More Muslims Embrace The Beauty Trend
Meet Vice President Mike Pence's Newest Fur Babies
Study Looks Into Child Gun Deaths –– An American Health Crisis
What Is The Suwalki Gap – And Why Is NATO Worried About It?
Making Fruits And Veggies Cheaper Could Save A Lot Of American Lives
84 Great Danes Rescued From 'Squalid' Puppy Mill
'Heat Domes' Could Push Parts Of The Southwest To Record Temperatures
'Green-On-Blue' Attacks Hit US Troops In Afghanistan
The US Has A New Personal Best For Renewable Energy Use
Thousands Protest Verdict Handed To Officer Who Shot Philando Castile
Judge Declares Mistrial In Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Case
Coroner Releases Cause Of Death For Carrie Fisher
Bodies Recovered From The USS Fitzgerald After Collision At Sea
Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme Victims Are Finally Set To Get Their Money
Scalise Is Still In Critical Condition, But Doctors Are Optimistic
Trump Turns To His Inner Circle Again For A HUD Appointment
A Water Park Is Making A Splash For Inclusivity And Accessibility
The Officer Who Fatally Shot Philando Castile Is Found Not Guilty
Rosenstein Warns Against Stories Citing Anonymous Sources
A Federal Judge Will Decide If Black Lives Matter Can Be Sued
Turkish Presidential Guards Charged Over Violent Brawl With Protesters
Vice President Pence Lawyers Up For Russia Investigation
CNN Sues FBI For Release Of Comey Memos
Only 72 Of Nearly 600 Lab Chimpanzees Have Been Moved To Sanctuaries
Doctors Say Otto Warmbier Suffered 'Extensive' Brain Damage
A Missing US Navy Sailor Was Found Hiding On His Ship After 7 Days
Dolce & Gabbana Doesn't Care About Melania Trump Haters
Otto Warmbier's Father: North Korea 'Brutalized And Terrorized' My Son
Dakota Access Pipeline Activists Won A 'Significant Victory' In Court
'Alt-Right' Condemned By Southern Baptist Convention
The Long-Awaited McGregor-Mayweather Fight Is Finally On
Report: President Trump Under Investigation For Obstruction Of Justice
Lawmakers At Shooting Say Scalise's Security Prevented A 'Massacre'
Fox News Drops Iconic Slogan 'Fair & Balanced'
Elizabeth Warren Isn't Just A Senator — Now, She's An Action Figure
Speaker Ryan: 'An Attack On One Of Us Is An Attack On All Of Us'
Michigan Health Chief Charged With Manslaughter In Flint Water Crisis
This Military Ship Missing For 100 Years Isn't Missing Anymore
Jim Mattis Now Has The Power To Send More Troops To Afghanistan
A Controversial Military Incendiary In Iraq, Syria Is Creating Concern
Board Member's Comment About Women Highlights Uber's Troubles — Again
Shooter Is Dead After Injuring GOP Lawmaker, Others
Jeff Sessions Pushes Back On Suggestions Of Collusion
Secretary Of The Interior Recommends Shrinking Bears Ears Monument
Jeff Sessions Didn't Exactly Give James Comey A Performance Review