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Elizabeth Warren Apologizes To Cherokee Nation For DNA Test
Reports: Trump Jr. Didn't Call Father Before Trump Tower Meeting
Austin City Council Orders Review Of Nearly 2,000 Rape Cases
Chicago Sees 9-Year Low In January Homicides
INF Treaty's Demise Gives US, Russia Room For New Nuclear Weapons
Lawsuit Unveils New Details About OxyContin Maker's Marketing, Profits
Global Warming Can Lead To Extreme Cold, Too
'Empire' Set Received White Powder Days Before Smollett Attack
U.S. Job Market Holds Strong Despite Government Shutdown
New Jersey Adds Gender-Neutral Option To Birth Certificates
Texas Catholic Dioceses Name Almost 300 Clergy Accused Of Sex Abuse
Trump Tweets Misleading Information About Voter Fraud In Texas
Does The Top 10 Percent Already Pay Their 'Fair Share' In Taxes?
Trump Administration Proposes Rules To Lower Prescription Drug Prices
ICE Says It Got Court Order To Force Feed Detainees On Hunger Strike
Evidence Against Roger Stone To Be Released To His Legal Defense Team
US Customs Make Largest Fentanyl Bust In Its History
Senate Amendment Declares ISIS, Al-Qaeda Are Still Threats To The US
Trump: China and US Want A Trade Deal They Can Both 'Be Proud Of'
'The Why' On The Polar Vortex
DOD Report: Sexual Assault Rates Jump At Military Academies
Remembering Jackie: A Conversation With Sharon Robinson
Helping The Homeless In Frigid Weather Goes Beyond Temporary Shelters
This Millennial Is Shaking Things Up In Indiana's State Legislature
Education Dept. Cites MSU's Failure To Report Nassar, Other Crimes
Dream Jobs: Cheesemonger
California's PG&E Is In More Legal Trouble Over Fires
How Much Money Should You Actually Be Investing In A Winter Coat?
Washington Measles Outbreak Is Now The Biggest In Decades
Becoming An American: Zaid Nagi
Twitter Bots Beware: Selling Fake Followers, 'Likes' Illegal In NY
Undocumented Worker Who Worked At Trump Golf Club Attending SOTU
At Least 9 Dead Across The Midwest Due To Polar Vortex
Mueller: Confidential Information Used To 'Discredit' The Russia Probe
Lyft Files Suit Over New York Taxi Commission's Minimum Wage Policy
NY Governor And AG Launch Investigation Into Apple FaceTime Bug
Changing Tables Are Noticeably Absent In Mens' Bathrooms
Fed Decides To Leave Interest Rates Unchanged
Dream Jobs: Perfumer
Cold And Heat: Which Is More Dangerous, And Why?
Foxconn May Have New Plans For Wisconsin Facility
New York Lawmakers Pass Major Gun Control Package
Trump Properties To Use E-Verify To Screen All Workers
What Brutal Cold Does To Your Body
Weather Forces Postal Service To Suspend Some Mail Delivery
Chicken Nugget Lovers Beware: Perdue, Tyson Recalling 52,000 Pounds
Becoming An American: Teofilo Chavez
Baltimore State's Attorney Won't Prosecute Pot Possession Cases
Pentagon To Send 'Several Thousand' More Troops To Mexico Border
FBI Ends Las Vegas Massacre Investigation But Finds No Clear Motive
US Gives Venezuelan Opposition Leader Control Over Some Assets
Could We Save Money By Abolishing Coins?
Additional Charges Filed Against Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Suspect
Stacey Abrams To Give Democrats' Response To State Of The Union
US Intelligence Community Testifies On Global Threats
US State Department Warns 'Do Not Travel' To Venezuela
Lawmakers Propose Bipartisan Federal Animal Cruelty Law
Insurance Claims From Deadly California Fires Reach $11.4 Billion
Former Trump Adviser Roger Stone Pleads Not Guilty At Arraignment
The USDA Wants To Make Sure Your Super Bowl Sunday Food Is Safe
Midwest, Great Lakes Facing Below Freezing Temperatures
4 Police Officers Shot In Southeast Houston
California's Largest Utility Company Files For Bankruptcy
US Announces Criminal Charges Against Tech Giant Huawei
Treasury Announces Sanctions Against Maduro, Venezuelan Oil Company
Opioid Company Executives Go To Trial For Alleged Marketing Scheme
Government Shutdown Is Over, But Employees Still Waiting For Paychecks
CBO Report Estimates Economy Took $11 Billion Hit During The Shutdown
The Government's Reopened, But Some National Parks Are Still Closed
Are Super Bowl Ads Really Worth The Price Tag?
Becoming An American: John Sandweg
US And Taliban Take Steps Toward Ending Afghanistan War
Roger Stone Says He Hasn't Ruled Out Cooperating With Special Counsel
Venezuelan Military Diplomat In US Denounces President Maduro
Fiat Chrysler Issues Recall For More Than 182,000 Pickup Trucks
Who Killed The Black Dahlia? 'I Am The Night' Adds To The 1947 Mystery
Washington Declares State Of Emergency Due To Measles Outbreak
AFGE Still Moving Forward With US Government Lawsuit Over Shutdown
No Sweethearts! Iconic Valentine's Day Candy Not Sold This Year
White House Credits Trump For Some 'Historic' Economic Changes
Exclusive: Air Marshals Fear Shutdown Jeopardizing National Security
Roger Stone Arrested On Charges Brought By Special Counsel
Illinois AG Looking Into Former Chicago Officer Van Dyke's Sentence
Wash And Learn: Laundromats And Libraries Are Fighting 'Book Deserts'
Report: DHS To Begin Sending Asylum-seekers To Mexico To Await Rulings
When The US Decided The Future Of Latin America
The US Is Set To Export More Energy Than It Imports In 2020
NTSB Unable To Investigate Dozens Of Crashes During Shutdown
PG&E Criticizes Judge's Wildfire Safety Plan As Unrealistic
Becoming An American: Lee Wang
NY Lawmakers Vote To Offer Financial Aid For Undocumented Students
Study: Government Owes Furloughed Workers $6 Billion In Back Pay
Public Service Bonds Us Beyond Identity and Politics
The Government Shutdown Could Affect Our Drinking Water — Here's How
White House Holds Roundtable On US Health Care Pricing System
At Least Five People Dead After Shooting At Florida Bank
Paul Manafort's Attorneys Say He Was Inconsistent But Didn't Lie
Oregon Measles Outbreak Prompts Public Health Emergency In Washington
Julian Assange Takes Legal Action Against US Justice Department
Michael Cohen Postpones House Testimony Due To 'Ongoing Threats'