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When Worlds Collide: Seattle Colleges Host Homeless Camps
GOP Moves To Ban Photos And Live-Streaming From The House Floor
At Least 12 People Are Dead After Bloody Christmas Weekend In Chicago
Vera Rubin, Astronomer Who Found Evidence Of Dark Matter, Has Died
What Will Russia Do With Unreleased Hacked Data?
A&E Pulls The Plug On A KKK Documentary
Police Union Asks Amazon To Pull Pro-Black Lives Matter Shirt
Donald Trump Says He's Shutting Down His Foundation
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Sen. Harry Reid Slams DNC As 'Worthless'
Trump's Team Wants Information On Individual Government Staffers Again
Trump Wants More Nuclear Weapons, But We Already Have Thousands
Trump's New Communication Team Looks Basically The Same As His Old One
Obama Ends Muslim And Arab Registry Program Before Trump Can Revive It
All Louisiana State Troopers Will Soon Wear Body Cameras
North Carolina's 'Bathroom Bill' Is Staying On The Books — For Now
Texas To Planned Parenthood: 'Final Notice' Of Medicaid Funding Cut
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Death Sentences And Executions In The US Are The Lowest In Decades
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FBI Releases The Warrant That Rekindled Clinton's Email Troubles
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Tupac Will Be The First Solo Rapper In Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
Stop Trying To Make Michelle Obama Run For President
Trump's Cabinet Might Not Be Good For Climate Change
Families Of 3 Orlando Shooting Victims Are Suing These Tech Giants
President-Elect Trump Clinches Electoral College
Obama Grants Clemency To The Largest Group Ever
North Carolina Likely To Repeal 'Bathroom Bill'
Female Physicians May Provide Better Care Than Their Male Counterparts
We Need To Get Over Comparing Our Income To What Our Parents Made
Trump Nominates Vincent Viola To Serve As Army Secretary
National Geographic Cover Features A Transgender Person For First Time
Many US States Are Passing Laws To Keep Body Cam Footage Private
'Best By,' 'Use By' And 'Sell By' Dates May Get A Lot Less Confusing
Trying To Stop The Opioid Epidemic Is An Uphill Battle
Electors Likely Won't Change Election Outcome
Deep-Sea Fishing Ban Aims To Give Coral A Surviving Chance
Doctor Credited With Creating The Heimlich Maneuver Dies At 96
Trump Picks A Member Of The 'Shutdown Caucus' As His Budget Director
Electors Won't Be Briefed On Russian Hacking
Minnesota Threatening Bowl Boycott Over 10 Suspended Players
Why Inclusive Toys Are About More Than Play Time
Are These Students Being Racist Or Just Unsportsmanlike?
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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says He Has Proof Obama's Birth Certificate Is Fake
Remembering Those We Lost In 2016
Facebook's Plan To Fight Fake News Relies On Real Journalists
Trainees At Federal Facility Practiced With Deadly Strand Of Ricin
Sports Reporter Craig Sager Dies After Battle With Leukemia
Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Found Guilty On All Counts
North Carolina Gov. Signs Bill Stripping Successor Of Some Power
Ex-Police Officer Charged In Shooting That Sparked Milwaukee Protests
How To Give A Gift You Don't Have To Feel Guilty About
Trump Chooses A Romney — But Not Mitt — To Head RNC
US Officials Say ISIS Could Be Running Out Of Fighters