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Police Still Looking For Suspects In Ohio Family Killings
Purple Rain Forever? Purple Could Be The Official State Color Of Minn.
New Jersey Woman Gets 30 Years For Setting Infant On Fire
Missing Boys' Boat Found Hundreds Of Miles Away From Florida
Obama Tells Britain The New LGBT Laws In The US Are 'Wrong'
High-Speed Chase Ends With Woman Stripping Naked
Suspect Dead After 5 Killed In Northeast Georgia
'Purple Rain' Will Be Showing In Theaters To Honor Prince
Florida Deputies Accused Of Letting Teenagers Drown In A Stolen Car
Student Says School Rules Punished Her For Reporting Rape
People Are Boycotting Target Over Its Bathroom Policy
Over 200K Convicted Felons In Virginia Can Vote In November
Multiple Fatalities Confirmed In Southern Ohio Shooting
Suicide Rates In America Are Up. By A Lot.
Something Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Supporters Agree On
Body Of Missing Virginia Emergency Responder Recovered
Obamacare Premium Costs Could Increase In 2017
Fight In High School Bathroom Kills 16-Year-Old Student
The FBI Paid Over $1M To Unlock San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone
Texas Mom Found Dead In Her SUV Died From Overdose
Did This Girl's Letter Put Harriet Tubman On The $20?
Volkswagen Agrees To Fix Or Buy Back Tons Of US Cars In Emissions Deal
A Prince Among Men: A Tribute To The Music Icon
Everybody Has A Prince Story; Celebs Tell Their Best Tales
It's Really Hard To Listen To Prince Online
Confederate Flag Dispute Keeps State Flags Out Of Capitol Hill Tunnel
'GPS Bullets' Are Helping Cops Avoid High-Speed Chases
Donald Trump Says Transgender People Can Use The Bathroom They Choose
The Artist Known As Prince Is Dead At 57
UK Warns LGBT Travelers About Mississippi, North Carolina Laws
$22M Of Cocaine Entered The US Through An 800-Yard Drug Tunnel
Can't Think Of A Baby Name? You Can Pay Someone For That Now
Curt Schilling Is Out At ESPN After Another Social Media Fiasco
SCOTUS Rules Iran Bank Must Pay Almost $2 Billion To Terror Victims
Officers In New Orleans Danziger Case Plead Guilty, Sentences Slashed
Saudi Snub? Royal Family Was Absent From President Obama's Arrival
San Francisco Is Going Solar — One New Building At A Time
Science Proves What Dieters Already Knew: Cheat Days Are Good For You
You Can Hang Out At The Max Just Like The 'Saved By The Bell' Cast
A Non-President Abolitionist Knocked A White Slave Owner Off The $20
Flint Water Crisis: 3 Officials Charged With Evidence Tampering
Lawmakers Call For Investigation After Elementary Students' Arrests
Life Expectancy For White Women In The US Suffers A Rare Drop
UnitedHealth Says It's Losing Money Participating In Obamacare
Porn Is A Public Health Crisis, According To Utah's Governor
Ruling In Favor Of Transgender Teen Could Affect NC 'Bathroom Bill'
Former Cop Gets Probation, Community Service For Killing Unarmed Man
Houston-Area Family Of 4 Shot To Death In Apparent Murder-Suicide
Here's More Evidence That Common Drugs May Cause Cognition Issues
Rainbow Nooses Removed From Tree At Austin Peay State University
Gilbert, Arizona, Is The Best Place To Be For Job And Housing Growth
Suspect In SWAT Gear Sought After Woman Found Dead In Texas Church
Ben & Jerry's Founders Arrested During Protest At US Capitol
Houston Hit With One Of The Rainiest Days In History
Google Books' Legal Beef Might Actually Be Over
Group Files Lawsuit To Change The N.Y. Primary — A Day Before Voting
Dozens Attend Funeral To Honor Homeless Veteran With No Known Family
'Everybody Loves Raymond' Actress Doris Roberts Dies At 90
If You Can Hack The Pentagon, The DOD Would Like To Give You Money
What Trump Forgot: Conventions, Not Primaries, Pick The Nominee
University At Buffalo Mistakenly Told 5,000 Applicants They Got In
Missouri Cities Could Lose The Power To Ban Specific Dog Breeds
WATCH: Houston Reporter Rescues Motorist Stranded In Flood Waters
Car Found In Search For Missing Virginia Emergency Responder
More Americans Are Giving Their Mouths Some Lip Service
Snowstorm Traps Teachers On Spring Break — Everyone Wins
Bernie Sanders Just Beat Trump In Sunday Morning Talk Show Appearances
'Hamilton' May Have Disrupted Plans To Put A Woman On The $10 Bill
Clooney Agrees With Sanders About Obscene Amount Of Money In Politics
Mother's Boyfriend Says He Accidentally Shot 4-Year-Old
Russia Denies Claims That Its Jet Barrel-Rolled Over US Recon Plane
Obama Is Finally Helping Stephen Curry With His Jump Shot — Sort Of
What Is Encryption, And Why Is It Important?
Top 3 Records Set This Week (Besides That One The Warriors Broke)
Bill Nye Is A Real Science Guy; Read His Resume, Sarah Palin
Get Some Earplugs; The Cicadas Are Coming
Tennessee FedEx Employee Accidentally Ships Himself To Texas
Zookeeper Dies After Being Injured By A Tiger
Is The Affordable Care Act Too Costly To Be Sustainable?
D.C.'s Mayor Is Reigniting The Fight For Statehood
Paranormal Panorama: Guest Captures Ghostly Figure In 'Shining' Hotel
A Potato Chip May Have Saved This Woman's Life
Tennessee Won't Make The Bible Its Official State Book ... For Now
Judge Rules Newtown Families Can Sue Makers Of Gun Used In Massacre
UC Davis Tried To Bury Its Pepper Spray Cop Incident, But It Backfired
'We Shall Overcome' At The Center Of A Public Domain Dispute
Microsoft Wants To Alert You When The Feds Access Your Email
Tax Prep Companies Spend Millions To Keep Taxes Complicated
Russian Jets Buzzed A US Ship. Here's 1 Reason They Weren't Shot Down.
Does Banning Texas Prisoners From Social Media Violate Free Speech?
Rihanna And The Beatles Are Tied For Second Place, But For What?
The 'Firespray Challenge' Is The Latest Pointless Internet Fad
Witness Says Former NFL Player Will Smith Had A Gun The Night He Died
North Carolina Can't Buy Ringo Starr's Love
Task Force Finds Systemic Racism In Chicago Police Department
Russian Planes Fly 'Dangerously Close' To US Warship
'Affluenza Teen' Will Spend 2 Years Behind Bars — Maybe
The Lakers Should Retire Kobe Bryant's No. 24 Jersey, No Question
The US Is Dropping Bombs On ISIS Even Faster Than It's Making Them
How This Woman And Her Dog Were Saved After 9 Days In The Wilderness