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Trump Administration Cutting Funding To Fetal Tissue Research
Senate Republicans Defy President Trump On Mexico Tariffs
Migrant Children In Federal Custody Losing English Classes, Recreation
7 Senators Are Trying To Block Trump's Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia
What Makes Purdue Pharma's OxyContin Different From Other Opioids?
YouTube Changes Hate Speech Policy In Attempt To Ban Extremist Content
US Forest Service Is Treating Millions Of Acres To Prevent Wildfires
Emails Show Texas Governor's Office Played Part In Failed Voter Purge
Texas Gov. Signs Bills That Target Handling Of Some Sex-Related Crimes
Oakland, California, Decriminalizes 'Magic Mushrooms'
HHS Looking At Military Bases To House Unaccompanied Migrant Kids
Dream Jobs: Landscape Architect
Former Officer Fired, Charged In Connection With Parkland Shooting
Biden Pitches $1.7 Trillion Plan To Protect 'Livability Of Our Planet'
Kremlin Dismisses Trump's Claim It's Removing Military From Venezuela
FDA Finds So-Called 'Forever Chemicals' In US Food Supply
Dallas Police Want FBI's Help After Another Transgender Woman's Murder
Virginia Governor Orders Special Session On Gun Control After Shooting
House Passes $19 Billion Disaster Aid Bill
Apple Is Making Some Big Changes With Its Next Software Updates
Pompeo Calls Out China On Anniversary Of Tiananmen Square Massacre
Reports: FTC Will Take The Lead On Potential Facebook Antitrust Probe
Swedish Court Rejects Prosecutors' Request For Assange Arrest Warrant
Most US Visa Applicants Now Face Social Media Screening
Boeing Reveals Some 737 Planes Could Have Faulty Parts
NASA Selects Three Companies To Help It Get Back To The Moon
US Navy Confirms White House Requested USS John S. McCain Be Moved
Watchdog Report Finds Migrant Facility That's Dangerously Overcrowded
Colorado Bans Gay Conversion Therapy For Minors
12 Dead, 4 Injured After Mass Shooting In Virginia Beach
Illinois Set To Become 11th State To Legalize Recreational Marijuana
Should Black Hair Braiders Be Licensed Professionals?
Admiral McRaven Talks Life, Saddam Hussein And Millennials
Proposed Mexico Tariffs Could Have A Major Impact On Automakers
Admiral William H. McRaven Speaks On Iran And Foreign Policy
Number Of US Measles Cases Reaches Highest Level Since 1992
FedEx Will Start Delivering Packages 7 Days A Week Next Year
Levees Fail Along Arkansas, Mississippi Rivers As Flooding Continues
Deceptively Edited Videos Misrepresent Nancy Pelosi's Speech
Booker Makes Overly Broad Comment About Lack Of Federal Gun Laws
The Dictionary Proves To Be No Match For The 2019 Spelling Bee Champs
Louisiana's Governor Signs "Heartbeat" Abortion Ban Into Law
Documents Suggest Census Citizenship Question Would Help Republicans
Starting A Hobby Supercharges Brain Cells
Singer R. Kelly Charged With New Counts Of Sexual Assault And Abuse
Uber Users Can Now Get Kicked Off The App For Having A Too-Low Rating
Border Patrol Arrests More Than 1,000 Migrants In Record Bust
What We Look Up In The Dictionary Says A Lot About Us
New Hampshire Has Abolished The Death Penalty
Activist Faces Trial For Giving Shelter, Water To Migrants In Desert
Former US Senator Thad Cochran Dies At 81
Grounded Boeing 737 MAX Jets Might Not Return To Service Until August
Newsy Finds NYPD Undercounting Rape By 38% Compared To FBI Statistics
Missouri Could Become The Only US State Without An Abortion Clinic
DNC Toughens Requirements For Fall Presidential Debates
Louisiana Sends 'Heartbeat' Abortion Ban To Governor's Desk
'Passions' Are Cultivated Not Discovered
Are Women Strong Enough To Race Cars? Science And History Say Yes
Harris Unveils Plan That Would Block Some New Abortion Laws By Default
Here's How Joe Biden Wants To Tackle Education In America
This Student With Hearing Loss Is Beating The Odds At The Scripps Bee
Trump Discourages Roy Moore From Running In 2020 US Senate Race
Robert Mueller Speaks Out Publicly About Russia Investigation
Tulsa Police Ask Drone Operators To Stay Away From Rising Floodwaters
Private Group Building Border Wall In New Mexico Ordered To Stop
DOJ Agrees To Release Of Documents Related To Mueller Court Activity
Huawei Accelerates Lawsuit Over US Product Ban
Tornado Hits Kansas City Area, Injures At Least 12
Disaster Relief Bill Held Up In House Again Over A Single Objection
Supreme Court Won't Hear Pennsylvania Transgender Bathroom Case
Michael Avenatti Pleads Not Guilty In Multiple Cases
First Major Opioid Crisis Lawsuit Goes To Trial In Oklahoma
Americans' Views On Abortion Aren't So Binary: Newsy Poll
Texas State Secretary Resigns Following Mishandled Voter Rolls Purge
Texas Bill Would Let People Carry Handguns After Natural Disasters
Severe Weather Brings Tornadoes, Flooding To Parts Of US
Former MLB Player Bill Buckner Dies After Battle With Dementia
Pharmaceutical Firm To Pay Oklahoma $85 Million To Settle Opioid Suit
New York City Set To Experiment With Congestion Pricing In 2021
Why South Asian Americans Dominate The Scripps National Spelling Bee
Football Great Bart Starr Has Died At The Age Of 85
Missing Maui Yoga Instructor Found Weeks After Disappearance
Director Of US Citizenship And Immigration Services Resigns
House Bill Could Give Boost To Small-Business Retirees, Part-Timers
United Airlines Cancels More Boeing 737 Max Flights
Border Wall Construction Funding Temporarily Blocked
Texas To Approve $1.6 Billion For Teacher Pay Raises
Federal Judge Blocks Mississippi 'Heartbeat' Abortion Law
Youth Activism Leads Push For Climate Change Action
Trump To Bypass Congress To Sell Weapons To Saudi Arabia, UAE
What Does It Take To Rectify The History Of Chinese Railroad Workers?
Survey Shows Most Americans' Views On Abortion Aren't All-Or-Nothing
Micro-Transit Could Improve Cities — But Consumers Have To Want It
House Committee Approves Amendment To Repeal 'Blank Check for War'
HHS Proposal Would Reverse Transgender Health Care Protections
US Approves Plan To Send 'About 1,500' Troops To Middle East
JPMorgan Will No Longer Do Business With OxyContin Maker Purdue Pharma
Julian Assange Indicted On Espionage Act Charges
New Colorado Law Caps Out-of-Pocket Insulin Costs To $100 A Month
Mario Batali Facing Charges Over Alleged Groping Incident In Boston