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Tech Giants Face New Antitrust Investigation, This Time From State AGs
Experts Say Netflix's Theatrical Debuts Are Just 'Token Releases'
8chan Tells Congress How It Dealt With Recent Shooting Manifestos
Tech Giants Meet With U.S. Intel Officials To Discuss 2020 Election
Google To Pay $170M To Settle YouTube Child Privacy Violations
Facebook Is Getting Rid Of Its Tag Suggestions Feature
Huawei Accuses U.S. Of Trying To Disrupt Its Business
YouTube Removes Over 100K Videos Under New Hate Speech Rules
New Tariffs On Chinese Goods Took Effect At Midnight Saturday
Twitter Co-Founder's Account Was Hacked
Google Could Pay $200M To Settle FTC Investigation Into YouTube
South Korean Court Orders Retrial For Samsung Heir
WSJ: U.S. Prosecutors Investigating New Allegations Against Huawei
Facebook Rolling Out Local Emergency Alert Tool Across The Country
Political Ads On Facebook Will Soon Go Through More Scrutiny
Google Unveils New Workplace Guidelines, Bans Political Talk
Google Proposes New Open Data Protection Standards
How Facebook Makes Money Off Your Data
Facebook Unveils New Data Privacy Tool
San Francisco's FogCam Will Be Switched Off After 25 Years
FEC Asks Trump To Stop Making 'Baseless' Allegations Of Voter Fraud
Twitter, Facebook Make Two Different Crackdowns On Chinese Propaganda
Facebook Releases Audit Amid Allegations Of Anti-Conservative Bias
Facebook, Twitter Remove 'Deceptive' Accounts Attacking HK Protests
Study: Sites That Push Disinformation Make $235M A Year In Ad Money
U.S. Will Continue Allowing Some Transactions With China's Huawei
Facebook Suspends Human Review Of Messenger Audio
Verizon Sells Tumblr For A Fraction Of Its Buying Price
How Do Companies Lose Billions And Still Stay Afloat?
Walmart Removes Displays For Violent Video Games After Store Shootings
Uber Shows Record Loss In Q2 Earnings Report
Facebook Loses Appeal In Facial Recognition Lawsuit
U.S. Agencies Will Soon Be Barred From Working With Huawei
Shootings Put Fresh Scrutiny On The Web's Free Speech Protections
Google Commits To Using Recycled Materials In Its Devices
Deplatforming 8Chan Is A Start, But May Not Address Hateful Ideologies
Apple Suspends Practice Of Contractors Listening To Siri Recordings
Trump Puts New Tariffs On Remaining Chinese Imports
Can New Streaming Platforms Catch Up With Netflix's Global Dominance
Australian Watchdog Releases Suggestions To Regulate Tech Giants
Trump: Apple Will Not Be Excluded From Potential China Tariffs
The Perks and Pitfalls of State-Managed Election Systems
DOJ Approves $26B Merger Between Sprint And T-Mobile
Border Patrol Chief Admits To Being Part Of Secret Facebook Group
NYC Bill Would Ban Companies From Selling Cellphone Location Data
Facebook, FTC Agree To $5B Settlement Over Privacy Practices
DOJ Launches Antitrust Investigation Into Big Tech Companies
What New Shows Can Replicate The Success Of 'Game Of Thrones'?
Sen. Schumer Wants FaceApp Investigated Over Russian Ties
Facebook's Proposed Financial System Faces New Grilling From Lawmakers
Amazon Marks Biggest Prime Day Sale Yet — Again
Twitter Says Trump's Racist Tweets Don't Violate Its Rules
CBP Investigating Employee Participation In Secret Facebook Group
Amazon Workers In U.S., Europe Plan 'Prime Day' Strikes
FTC, Facebook Reportedly Agree To $5B Fine In Privacy Probe
FCC Approves Measure To Increase Broadband Access On Tribal Lands
Apple Will Soon Roll Out An Option To Block Robocalls
Amazon To Spend $700M To Retrain One-Third Of Its U.S. Workforce
What Do We Actually Know About Political Censorship On Social Media?
ICE's Use Of Facial Recognition Tech Could Threaten Women Of Color
Researchers: FBI, ICE Use Facial Recognition Software On DMV Photos
British Airways Faces $230 Million Fine Over Data Breach
Court Rules Amazon Should Be Liable For Defective Third-Party Products
Streaming Companies Are Investing In Anime More Than Ever Before
Facebook Update Reduces Exposure To Misleading Health Information
Outside Audit Says Facebook Is Falling Short In Combating Hate Speech
Facebook Working On Plan To Stop Spread Of 2020 Census Misinformation
Democratic Candidates Have Promising Early Plans To Regulate Big Tech
Twitter To Label Tweets From Government Officials That Break Rules
Facebook Says It Can't Combat Election Interference On Its Own
Senators Want Social Media Giants To Disclose What Your Data's Worth
Slack Goes Public, But Not In A Traditional Way
YouTube Reportedly Considering Moving Children's Content Off Its Site
Google Pledges $1B To Housing Crisis That Critics Say It Helped Create
Facebook Will Officially Jump Into The Cryptocurrency Game With Libra
Ethiopia's Internet Is Back On After A Week
Ask The Experts: The Good And The Bad Of Silent Social Media Moderates
Independent Research Could Help Social Media Counter More Hate Speech
House Committee Focused On Dangers 'Deepfakes' Pose To 2020 Election
Smart Cities Invest More Money And Tech To Combat Climate Change
House Begins Antitrust Investigation Of Big Tech Companies
Facebook Apps Will No Longer Be Pre-installed On New Huawei Phones
When Will Phone Companies Start Blocking Robocalls Automatically?
Pilots Say They Were Blocked From Testing 737 MAX Updates In Simulator
FCC Votes To Let Phone Carriers Block Robocalls By Default
Huawei Lands Deal To Develop 5G Network In Russia