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Second U.S. Case Of MERS Virus Discovered
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'Star Wars' Prosthetic Arm Gains FDA Approval
Mom Gives Birth To Rare 'Mono Mono' Identical Twins
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'Pinocchio Rex,' Cousin Of T-Rex, Discovered In China
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NASA Captures Plasma Explosion Off Sun's Surface
With First Confirmed Case, What Risk Does MERS Pose To U.S.?
FDA Says Daily Aspirin Won't Prevent First Heart Attack
U.S. Teen Pregnancy, Abortion Rates Continue To Decline
WHO Says Polio Now Worldwide Health Emergency
Coca-Cola Will Remove Flame Retardant Chemical From Drinks
First U.S. MERS Victim Is In Recovery, Hasn't Spread Virus
Study Finds Sharp Increase In Diabetes Rates Among U.S. Kids
Trio Of Studies Show Young Blood Can Revitalize Old Mice
E-Cigarettes May Produce Toxins After All
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