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CERN Says LHC Really Found Higgs Boson, Will Restart In 2015
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Pesticide Exposure In Pregnant Women, Autism Linked In Study
Pa. Mom Gives Birth During Open Heart Surgery
Great White Sharks Making Comeback On North American Coast
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International Space Station To Receive First Coffee Machine
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Calif. Health Officials Declare Whooping Cough Epidemic
4,000 Pounds Of Beef Recalled In Missouri Mad Cow Scare
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'Cool' Kids Lose Their Cool After Leaving School
Friday The 13th's Strawberry Moon Is Almost Too Unlucky
10,000 Suicides Linked To Economic Recession
Teens Smoking, Fighting Less, But Texting While Driving More
Protein-Rich Diet Might Protect Against Stroke
N.M. Bachelor Party Stumbles Upon Giant Fossil
Married Men More Likely To Get Regular Health Checkups
Ancient Fossil Could Show Evolution Of Early Jaws
Spider-Man Soldiers? New Climbing Gear Inspired By Geckos
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Scientists Find 120 Million-Year-Old Reptile Eggs In China
Yoga, Meditation Help Dementia Patients And Their Caregivers
Tree Frogs In Taiwan Use Drains As Mating Call Megaphones
Harvard Library Includes Book Bound In Human Skin
Lunar Rocks Show Signs Moon Formed After Planets Collided
Single-Dose Antibiotic Could Cure MRSA, Other Superbugs
Data Problems Affect 2 Million Obamacare Sign-Ups
Majority Of Suicides Occur After Midnight, Study Finds
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U.K. Scientists Support 3-Way In Vitro Fertilization
Fabien Cousteau Spending June Underwater To Save Sea Lab
Astronomers Discover Giant Earthlike Planet
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This Robotic Raptor Can Outpace Usain Bolt
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