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Pilots Union Sues American Airlines To Halt U.S.-China Flights
Brain Injuries From Combat Get New Attention After Missile Attack
US Maternal Death Rates Are High, They're Even Worse for Black Women
WHO Declares Public Health Emergency Over Wuhan Coronavirus
Possible Coronavirus Treatments Include Cloned Antibodies, Vaccines
New South Wales Announces Investigation Into Cause Of Bushfires
How NASA Is Using Satellite Systems To Help Fight Wildfires
WHO Reconsiders A Coronavirus Health Emergency Declaration
FDA Warns Purell To Stop Promoting Unproven Health Claims
Coronavirus Cases In Mainland China Surpass 2002 SARS Outbreak
7.7 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Caribbean Islands
The U.S. Still Isn't Sure How Coronavirus Spreads
Fire Crews Warn Residents Near Australian Capital To Stay Alert
China Extends Lunar New Year In Effort To Contain Coronavirus
Fifth U.S. Coronavirus Patient Confirmed In Arizona
Fourth U.S. Coronavirus Case Confirmed In California
Report: U.S. Prepares To Evacuate U.S. Citizens From Wuhan
Coronavirus Outbreak Infects More Than 900 In China
Health Ministry Confirms 3 Cases Of Coronavirus In France
2nd U.S. Coronavirus Case Diagnosed In Chicago
About 33M People In China Under Lockdown As Coronavirus Spreads
EPA Finalizes Rule Rolling Back Protections For Streams And Wetlands
Inside A Risky, Rare Brain Surgery For OCD
How The Doomsday Clock Measures The Risks Of Climate Change
Coronavirus Puts Chinese Cities On Lockdown Before Lunar New Year
Wuhan, China Shuts Down As WHO Weighs A Coronavirus Health Emergency
New Bushfire Forces Evacuations Near Australian Capital Of Canberra
China Enacts Precautionary Quarantine Measures For Coronavirus
FDA: Sunscreen Ingredients Can Seep Into Bloodstream After One Use
Travel Warnings Intensify As First U.S. Coronavirus Patient Confirmed
SCOTUS Says Flint Residents Can Sue Over Lead Contamination In Water
Trump And Thunberg Address Climate Change At Davos Forum
China's New Coronavirus Can Be Spread By Humans
Australians Tried To Save Animals Before Bushfires Began
A Warm, Dry 2019 Influenced Australia's 'Catastrophic' Fire Season
Appeals Court Tosses Out Climate Case Brought By 21 Young Plaintiffs
Dogs Trained To Rescue Koalas From Australian Bushfires
World Heritage Areas In Australia Face 'Unprecedented' Burn Damage
Voice Technology In Hospitals Brings Benefits And Risks For Patients
2019 Was Second-Hottest Year On Record, Capping Off Hottest Decade
Americans Help Fight Australian Bushfires
NIH Doctor Says Vaccines 'Not A Very Good Match' For Common Flu Strain
Air Quality Suffers As Australian Fires Continue To Burn
Australia Airdrops Tons Of Food To Starving Wildlife
Australia Kills Camels In Search Of Water
At CES, The Government Wants New Tech For Public Health and Safety
Tens Of Thousands Of Protesters Call For Australian PM To Resign
Australian Hospital Rescuing Koalas From Historic Bushfires
How Virtual Reality Could Help Patients Battling Substance Use
New Trump Proposal Could Overhaul Landmark Environmental Regulations
How Much Can Wearable Tech Influence Your Health?
Pneumonia Outbreak In China Appears To Be Linked To Coronavirus
Hundreds Of Kids Without Vaccinations Kept Home From School In Seattle
Newsy On The Ground Covering Australia Bushfires
Your Meatless Protein Options Now Include Impossible Pork
Report: Record Drop In Cancer Death Rate In U.S.
Measles Death Toll Surpasses 6,000 In Democratic Republic Of Congo
This Year, Health And Wellness At CES Includes Sex Tech
EPA Makes Move To Reduce Truck Pollution
California Lawmakers Propose Ban On All Flavored Tobacco Products
Australian Bushfire Smoke Has Turned Glaciers In New Zealand Brown
What The Fact: Health Care Terms Explained
Pope Calls On Governments To Make Health Care Accessible To All
Inside A Gym For Your Mind And Mental Health
India Confirms Plans For New Moon Mission
Thailand Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags In Major Stores
Trump Says Certain E-Cigarette Flavors Will Be Pulled From Market
Study Says FDA Program To Police Opioids Largely Failed
Samoa Ends Measles-Related State Of Emergency
Study Suggests Opioid Death Rates Rise After Auto Plant Closures
Seattle School Officials Require Students To Be Vaccinated
Fires May Have Killed Up To 30% Of Koalas In One Australian Region
FDA Raises Minimum Age To Purchase Tobacco Products To 21
2019 Wrap-Up: A Growing Awareness Of A Worsening Climate
This Year Americans Are Most Stressed About Gun Violence, Health Care
Japan Considering Dumping Toxic Fukushima Water Into Ocean
Oil Spill Off The Galapagos Islands Prompts State Of Emergency
Judge Rejects Bid To Throw Out Lawsuits Over Keystone XL Pipeline
Congress Raises Tobacco Purchase Age From 18 To 21
Boeing Starliner Lands In New Mexico After Inaugural Orbit
CDC Links Pet Store Puppies To Antibiotic-Resistant Outbreak
Teen Marijuana Use In E-Cigarettes, Vaping Is Rising
Australia Sets Record For Its Hottest National Average Temperature
FDA Approves Sale Of Reduced-Nicotine Cigarettes
Audit: Sackler Family Withdrew $10B From Purdue Pharma In 10 Years
How $25M Can Improve What We Know About Gun Violence
New Jersey Senate Postpones Vote On Vaccination Exemptions
U.N. Climate Conference Ends Without Major Breakthrough
U.N.: Resisting Action On Climate Is 'A Recipe For Economic Disaster'
CDC Releases List of Vape Brands Linked to Respiratory Illnesses
Sub-National Stakeholders Plan To Keep US Working Toward Paris Goals
WHO, CDC Say Measles Cases Spiked Globally Last Year
What The Fact: The State Of The Affordable Care Act
Russian Cargo Ship Launches For International Space Station
Tufts University Cuts Ties With Family Behind Purdue Pharma
COP25 Talks Climate Solutions, Even As The US Leaves Paris Agreement
Vaccine Alliance To Fund Global Stockpile Of Ebola Vaccines
Over 100 Cases Reported In E. Coli Outbreak Linked To Romaine Lettuce
Scientists Say Global Carbon Emissions Hit Record High This Year
Could Artificial Intelligence Help Patients With Schizophrenia?