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Fauci Says CDC Will Ease Guidelines For Vaccinated People Soon
House To Vote On $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Bill Friday
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Schools Will Be Allowed To Delay Standardized Testing
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CDC Study Says Teachers Contributed To COVID Spread At Georgia School
Novavax Vaccine Trial Gets 30,000 Volunteers
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House Could Vote This Week On $1.9T COVID Relief Bill
Vaccine Deliveries Expected To Catch Up By Midweek
White House Honors 500K Americans Who Died From COVID
Understanding COVID-19's Long-Term Effects
Experts Report Growing Case Studies Of Coronavirus-Linked Encephalitis
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Inside The Push To Vaccinate America
U.K. Easing Lockdown Restrictions
Australia Begins COVID Vaccination Efforts
FDA Will Review Johnson & Johnson Vaccine
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House To Take Up COVID Relief This Week
White House Says Texas Vaccine Distribution Should Catch Up Soon
Some Texans Are Getting Surprising Electric Bills
U.S. Nears 500,000 COVID Deaths
Meet The Man Helping To Deliver Vaccines Across Alaska
Inside A Mass Vaccination Center In Utah
Pressure Mounts To Reopen Schools But Teachers Want Vaccines
WXYZ: Michigan Restaurant And Bar Owners Sue For Damages
U.K. Aims To Offer All Adults A COVID Vaccine By July
WFTS: Scientists Urge CDC To Set Air Guidelines For Workplaces
What Do Soaring Home Prices Signal About Economic Recovery?
KGTV: California Girl Makes Bracelets To Encourage Nurses
Is The Pandemic Causing A Pink Collar Recession?
Experts Work To Break Mental Health Barriers In The Black Community
KMGH: Doctor Reminds Patients To Get A Cancer Screening
WFTS: Inside Florida's Effort To Disseminate Vaccine Information
New Zealand Begins Largest Vaccination Program In Country's History
WCPO: Therapy Animals Spread Joy To Health Care Workers
WFTS: Florida Scientists Help With Discovery Of New Whale Species
The Importance Of Vaccinating The Homeless Population
WTVF: Doctors Write Tributes To Honor Unsung Heroes Of The Pandemic
Florida Lawmaker Hand-Picked People On Vaccine Lottery List
Texas Crisis Is Proof The U.S. Is Badly Unprepared For Climate Change
Severe Weather Delays COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution
NASA's Perseverance Rover Lands On Mars
WEWS: Self-Proclaimed 'Spreadsheet Wizard' Connects Seniors To Shots
WTVF: Winter Weather Snarls Vaccine Delivery In Tennessee
KMGH: Mom Pushes For In-Person Learning Ahead Of Deployment
San Francisco Parents Call For School To Reopen
Millions Without Clean Drinking Water in the South
New Study On Pfizer Vaccine Effectiveness, Storage
KMGH: Colorado Doctor Works To Bridge Vaccine Divide
Republican Vaccine Resistance: Why Experts Say Look Beyond Politics
New Mars Rover Starts Search For Life After Terrifying Descent
WRTV: Community Pantries Service More Neighbors In Need
U.S. Life Expectancy Falls Amid Pandemic
Biden Administration Vaccine Distribution Plan Follows Trump Playbook
Texans Rescue Sea Turtles From Frigid Waters
KGTV: Researchers Urge Us To Rethink Vaccine Development
Los Angeles Setting Up Vaccine Site For Teachers
Thousands Of Service Members Decline COVID Vaccine
WRTV: Indiana Mom Details Son's COVID-Related Complications
CDC Says Winter Storm Is Delaying Vaccine Distribution
Florida Pushes To Vaccinate Latinos
WEWS: Ohioans Frustrated By Confusing Vaccine Rollout
States Slow To Vaccinate People With Disabilities
KMGH: Coloradan Creates Website To Help Find COVID-19 Vaccines
Mass Vaccination Sites Have Already Seen Big Wins And Big Setbacks
Experts: Texas Power Crash Came From Bad Prep, Not Wind Turbines
Science Fiction And Our Fascination With Stories About Mars
White House Doesn't Recommend Mandating Vaccines For Teachers
KNXV: How Does The COVID Vaccine Affect Cancer Patients And Survivors?
Pfizer, BioNTech Reach Vaccine Deal With European Union
KMGH: Denver Laundromat Covers The Cost Of Laundry For People In Need
'Perseverance' Rover To Land On Mars Thursday
Measure Would Help Fund Technology To Track Virus Mutations
WTKR: Researchers Develop Intranasal COVID Vaccine
COVID Cases, Hospitalizations Continue To Drop
President Biden Pushes For COVID Relief Deal In Town Hall
Identical Twins Have Dramatically Different Reactions To COVID-19
MIllions Of Texans Without Power In Freezing Temps
WXYZ: Michigan Hotline Helps Seniors Find Vaccine Appointments
Millions Desperate As Cold Exposes Power Grid Vulnerabilities
Hospitals Ration N95 Masks Despite Ample Stockpiles
First Woman, African Chosen To Lead World Trade Organization
New Orleans Bars Shut Down For Mardi Gras
Latinos Facing Multiple Barriers To Getting COVID Vaccines
Newsy Investigation: How Fake N95 Masks End Up In Hospitals
NASA's Rover To Land On Mars Thursday
Extreme Winter Weather In Texas Spikes Oil And Gas Prices
WFTS: Drug Used For Arthritis Could Help The Sickest COVID-19 Patients
Snowstorm Adds To Avalanche Danger
Covid-19 Rapid Tests Going Unused
Governors Want More Clarity, Input On Vaccines
Gov. Andrew Cuomo Addresses Delayed COVID Deaths Claims