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U.K. To Allow Driverless Cars On Public Roads
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Surgeon General Issues 'Call To Action' Against Tanning
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Doctor At Forefront Of Fighting Ebola Outbreak Gets Ebola
Dogs Appear To Become Jealous Of Owners' Attention
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Huge Schizophrenia Study Finds Dozens Of New Genetic Causes
What To Make Of The Conflicting Obamacare Rulings
Scientists Find New Way To Make Human Platelets
$23.6 Billion Awarded To Widow In Smoking Lawsuit
Tooth Plaque Provides Insight Into Diets Of Ancient People
Does Mixing Alcohol and Energy Drinks Boost Urge To Drink?
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100-Plus HIV/AIDS Researchers On MH17: 'Devastating Impact'
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How Mutant Worms Could Help Alcoholics
Largest 'Four-Winged' Dinosaur To Date Unearthed In China
Bee Colony Collapse Disorder One Of Summer's Big Stories
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Researchers Discover 'Recipe' For Preventing Alzheimer's
SpaceX Gets Good Luck Rolling Again With Orbcomm Launch
Genetically, Close Friends Are Like Distant Cousins
Risk Factors For SIDS Vary With Baby's Age
Blood, Eye Tests Could Reveal Early Signs Of Alzheimer's
Kansas Girl Dies After Contracting Rare Brain-Eating Amoeba
Dutch Company Wants Users To Quit Facebook For 99 Days
CDC Shuts Down Labs, Shipments After Contamination Scares
It's The Summer Of Supermoons
Polar Vortex: Summer Edition
Mississippi Baby Has HIV Again, Cure Hopes Take A Hit
Too Much Screen Time And Not Enough Exercise For Teens
Your Reading Genes Are Also Your Math Genes: Study
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Behold The Anchovies: Tiny Fish Swarm Calif. Coast
Are Ginger Genes Going Away?
Tiny Hedgehog Fossil Could Answer Climate-Change Questions
$1.4B E.U. Brain Project Has Scientists Slug It Out In Media
Long-Forgotten Smallpox Vials Found In FDA Storage Room
Severe Obesity Might Reduce Lifespan Up To 14 Years
Moldy Recalled Chobani Yogurt Could Be Harmful To Consumers
Fossil Of Largest Flying Bird ID'ed ... And It's Terrifying
Are Raju The Elephant's Tears Of Joy The Real Deal?
Concert Headbanging Caused Patient's Brain Bleeding: Doctors
Hookah On Rise With Teens, More Dangerous Than Cigarettes?
Scientists Find 'On/Off Switch' For Human Consciousness
Scientists Translate Gesture Language Of Chimpanzees
Another Earth-Like Planet Discovered, Again
Chikungunya: The Mosquito-Borne Virus Explained
People Prefer Electric Shocks To Thinking Alone, Says Study
Dino's 'Feather Trousers' Show Evolution Of Feathered Flight
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Turns Out Kangaroos Have A 'Fifth Leg'
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Painkiller Prescriptions Highly Varied From State To State
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NASA's Atmosphere-Monitoring Satellite Will Measure CO2