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Oregon Republican Senators Flee The State To Block Climate Legislation
Missouri Denies St. Louis Planned Parenthood Clinic Abortion License
A Reuse-Heavy Circular Economy Could Help Lower Plastic Pollution
House Committees Question Origin Of Proposed Fuel Emissions Rollback
Study Finds Vaccine Confidence Is Lower In High-Income Countries
EPA Ends Obama's Clean Power Plan, Letting States Set Emissions Goals
How Often Does The White House Quash Climate-Related Testimony?
How Far Can Urban Farming Go To Solve Food Insecurity?
Attorneys Propose Plan For National Opioid Lawsuit Settlement
The WHO Says Congo's Ebola Outbreak Is Still Not A Global Emergency
Bayer To Invest $5.6B In Researching New Weedkilling Methods
Thousands Of Migrants Quarantined Amid Mumps, Chicken Pox Outbreaks
NASA Says It Will Need $20B-$30B To Send Astronauts Back To The Moon
NY Passes Law Ending Religious Exemptions For Childrens' Vaccinations
Officials Warn Upcoming Wildfire Season Could Be Worse Than Last Year
New Evidence Shows People Have Been Smoking Cannabis For Millennia
Smart Cities Invest More Money And Tech To Combat Climate Change
First Ebola Cases Confirmed In Uganda
UK Commits To Eliminating Its Net Carbon Emissions
FDA Unveils New Guidelines For E-Cigarette Makers
Scientists Predict Near-Record 'Dead Zone' In The Gulf Of Mexico
Judge Says St. Louis Planned Parenthood Can Continue Abortion Services
This State May Pay For Some Undocumented Immigrants' Health Benefits
Canada Pushes To Cut Plastic Waste, Phase Out Single-Use Plastics
More Rain From Hurricanes Is Changing How We Study Them
US Measles Cases Continue To Climb, Reach New Record
White House May Have Blocked Agency's Climate Change Testimony
FDA, FTC Send Letters To Vape Companies That Hire 'Influencers'
Large Epidemics Could Be The 'New Normal,' According To WHO
Carmakers Push For Emissions Compromise Between Trump Admin., States
NASA Is Opening Up The International Space Station For Business
This CPR Dummy Attachment Could Help Save More Women's Lives
Opioid Manufacturer Agrees To $225M Settlement In Federal Probes
More Than 1,000 Measles Cases Recorded In US This Year
New Rules Expand Veterans' Access To Private Care
What Makes Purdue Pharma's OxyContin Different From Other Opioids?
Judge Shuts Down 4 State Subpoenas In Mo. Abortion Case
FDA Finds So-Called 'Forever Chemicals' In US Food Supply
Carnival Cruise Line To Pay $20M After Admitting It Violated Probation
WHO: Latest Ebola Outbreak In Congo Has Topped 2,000
11.9M Quest Diagnostics Patients Possibly Affected By Data Breach
FDA Warns Austrian Doctor To End Telemedical Abortion Services
NASA Selects Three Companies To Help It Get Back To The Moon
Protected Land Is Shrinking At Home And Around The World
New Jersey Attorney General's Office Sues Family For Opioid Epidemic
Missouri Planned Parenthood Can Keep Providing Abortions For Now
Number Of US Measles Cases Reaches Highest Level Since 1992
Starting A Hobby Supercharges Brain Cells
Missouri Could Become The Only US State Without An Abortion Clinic
This Student With Hearing Loss Is Beating The Odds At The Scripps Bee
Shifting Baselines: Brands For Good
UN Says 80 Countries Want To Increase Paris Climate Accord Commitments
WHO Recognizes Burnout As A Legitimate Medical Diagnosis
Pharmaceutical Firm To Pay Oklahoma $85 Million To Settle Opioid Suit
Youth Activism Leads Push For Climate Change Action
FDA Approves $2.1M Gene Therapy Treatment For Rare Muscle Disease
How Mental Health Parity Complications Are Hurting Patients
HHS Proposal Would Reverse Transgender Health Care Protections
Missouri's Governor Signs 8-Week Abortion Ban Into Law
New Colorado Law Caps Out-of-Pocket Insulin Costs To $100 A Month
Congressional Report: OxyContin Maker Influenced WHO's Opioid Guidance
What Will It Take To Protect More Of The Oceans From Climate Change?
US Adult Cancer Deaths Have Dropped, But Heart Disease Deaths Are Up
Migrant Processing In McAllen, Texas, Facility Halts Due To Illness
The UK Is Rolling Out A Plan To Ban Some Single-Use Plastics
Shifting Baselines: Good For You, Good For The Planet
McConnell Introduces Bill To Raise Age To Buy Tobacco Products To 21
Study Says A Lot Of Juul's Twitter Followers Are Underage
WHO Staff Reportedly Continue To Abuse Travel Policies
Green Infrastructure Does More Than Handle City Rainwater
Study Finds Youth Suicide Rates Are Rising, Especially In Young Girls
Federal Judge Says FDA Must Start Delayed E-Cigarette Reviews
Alabama Governor Signs Controversial Abortion Bill Into Law
The Met Will Stop Accepting Gifts From Makers Of OxyContin
African Swine Fever Kills 1 Million Pigs In China
Elderly Couple With Cancer Awarded $2 Billion For Exposure To Roundup
Trump Requests $1.6B Budget Increase For NASA's Moon Mission
Maryland Raises Legal Age To Buy Tobacco Products To 21
CO2 Levels In The Atmosphere Reach Highest Point In Human Existence
US Sits Out International Treaty To Curb Plastic Waste
This Drugmaker Is Donating Its HIV Prevention Drug To 200,000 People
Trump Admin. Expands Drilling Plan Across 700,000 Acres In California
How Much Do Federal Tax Breaks Help Out Fossil Fuel Companies?
Dream Jobs: Veterinarian
Report Finds Coca-Cola Has A Say In Studies It Funds
Democrats Walk Tightrope With Green New Deal
Researchers Discover New Plastic That Can Be Infinitely Recycled
Very Vocal: The 'Perfect Pitch' Predicts Elections, Sexual Attraction
Walmart Raises Minimum Age To Buy Tobacco Products To 21
People Around The World Are Drinking More Every Year
Drug Companies Will Soon Be Required To Reveal Prices In TV Ads
CDC Says Most Pregnancy-Related Deaths In US Are Preventable
Measles Cases Surge in Europe As Global Outbreak Spreads
US Reportedly Refused To Sign Arctic Council Declaration
Your Body Absorbs Certain Sunscreen Chemicals — But Is That Safe?
New Report Shows The Earth Is Changing At An 'Unprecedented' Rate
FDA Approves Dengue Vaccine With Strict Guidelines
This Presidential Candidate Wants The US To Run On 100% Clean Energy
Why More Young People Are Having Strokes
Interior Dept. Announces Roll Back Of Rules Created After BP Oil Spill